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    Installing Action Shields?

    So, I just did a search of the site after having effectively come up dry searching the web for action shield installation instructions, and I didn't find any such instructions here, either. I can see from a picture that @45D posted that it is a strip of metal the width of the hammer channel...
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    Pietta 1860 Army Question

    I just put in an order for a Pietta 1860 Army with the cuts and screws for attaching a stock. I don't have a question about the stock, but I do have a question about the scrollwork on the cylinder. If it's an Army revolver, why is there a naval scene engraved on the cylinder? Were revolvers...
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    Howdy from Florida

    Hello from Florida. I spent a good number of years crafting my skills with semi-auto pistols and rifles of various types, both for Army qualifications and my own personal desire to see how far I could enhance my skillset. After several years of doing this, I took and interest in magnum...