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    Witnessed Unsafe Behaviors

    On a particularly pleasant saturday afternoon, hence, a particularly busy day at the gun club, several of us were at the 65 yard range shooting various assorted weaponry. I was taking a break from shooting and talking to another member. The gent at the bench in front and over one, loaded and...
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    Thread Adapter Kit

    I just recieved a thread adapter kit from October Country. They are made of brass with steel threads. One is 8-32m to 10-32f, one is 10-32m to 8-32f and one is 10-32 to 5/16-27 (shotgun). Man, I wish I had known of these long ago, it would have saved me a bunch of fumbling with cleaning rods and...
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    Made a mistake (Graphic)

    Thank you for posting this, you paid a high price for not paying attention. This was good of you to post with the picture because it really hammers home the point. I'm very sorry for your terrible injuries. I would also say that I too, just dont understand how this could happen coming from my...
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    MAP for barrel cleaning

    WWF and a little Murphy's works well too. Only thing I find is it is a bit sticky on your fingers when working with it. I just keep a damp towel to wipe my hands.
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    MAP for barrel cleaning

    I get the Murphy's soap, I kind of get the rubbing alcohol, but would someone please explain how the hydrogen peroxide helps to clean BP fouling? I feel like I would never use this mix. Soap and water or straight Windex works great. Not sure why anyone would go through the trouble mixing this...
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    Pillow ticking

    Just shows you how far removed the general populace is from technology that was state of the art 200 years ago.
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    Do You Use "Bore Buttons"?

    H.C. and P.C. aside, do you use wool-felt wads between powder and ball? What has been your experience with them? What advantage do they provide?
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    More on goex

    "I don't agree with your saying there is no cross between inline shooters and traditional black powder shooters. There are some who have done both. I started out with percussion muzzleloaders, then I went to an inline. While I liked my inline rifle I went back to traditional guns because I like...
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    More on goex

    Hodgdon's BP subs are intended for a different market than GOEX BP is. Flintlocks compared to bolt-action in-lines with 209 primers. I don't think there is much competition there. Guys who shoot Pyrodex pellets will never touch Goex BP and vise versa. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't...
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    Pan Powder for Flintlock Rifle

    On the topic of priming a flintlock, from what I understand of it, it's all about the way you prime. How much powder you use and where you place it, not what granulation you use. Although, I'm sure granulation might have something to do with it to some degree. I wasn't aware of the moisture...
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    Just a side note, I'm told Barricade is the same type of material used in protecting equipment in the tool and die industry. Maybe someone can check me on that.
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    An Egg, a piece of bread and a paper bag.....

    I get the same thing from McDonalds drive-through every morning.
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    What's the difference between Pyrodex types?

    P (Pistol) is equal to FFFg while RS (Rifle/Shotgun) is equal to FFg. "Select" is just a bit better quality product.
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    Powder Charges?

    Maybe I should have used " intended use" in there instead.
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    Powder Charges?

    Is it fair to say that most traditional muzzleloaders are not meant to use powder charges of more than about 80-90 grains or so? I have routinely used 100 gr of 2F in my Hawken type rifles and getting decent accuracy for hunting, even a few X's once in a while and My T/C Renegade took 120 gr...
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    Non lead round balls -

    How does the hardness of Bismuth compare with lead?
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    Swiss Powder Designation

    What is the difference between Swiss 4f and Null-B? How are they used?
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    Hello from CNY

    Welcome! I'm in Manchester NY, near Canandaigua lake, Fingerlakes Wine Country. I grew up near Fabius though. Ever want to take a short trip, look me up and we'll go shoot at my club.
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    A Newbie wanting more info

    Been shooting BP for 38 years and I still ask a bunch of questions.
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    Tallow - Just have to ask this

    I'll pick up some large chunks of nice white beef fat once in a while when I see it at the grocery store. I chop it up small and remove any red pieces before gently heating it for some time until the steam stops coming off. I strainit through a fine wire mesh into a big jar and then through a...