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  1. j2adams

    FOR SALE .44 Smoothbore Derringer

    CMC .44 Smoothbore Derringer. Fun little derringer to shoot. $225 TYD (CONUS). PayPal or USPS money order preferred.
  2. j2adams

    WANTED Sharon 36cal barrel for TC Hawken

    I know it might be a long shot, but I’d like to find/buy a Sharon .36cal drop-in barrel with a hook breech for my TC Hawken. If anyone has one, let me know!
  3. j2adams

    SOLD Traditions Kentucky .50cal Pistol

    Selling my Traditions Kentucky Pistol (.50cal - 1/20” twist) that I rarely shoot. $175 shipped CONUS. PayPal (friends/family) or USPS money order. Feel free to message me with any questions or requests for additional photos.
  4. j2adams

    Two Feathers - a Patriot and Craftsman

    I purchased a small “burnin lens” from Two Feathers on this site and I am equally impressed with the craftsmanship of the item I received, as I am with the patriot who crafted it. Customer service is something that Dave takes seriously and he must have some sort of “insider help” with the...
  5. j2adams

    SOLD GRRW .50cal Trade Rifle - made in 1974

    Hello from New Mexico! I’m selling my 1974 Green River Rifle Works Trade Rifle. Rifle left the factory in October 1974. Included with this rifle will be original correspondence and paperwork that came with the rifle. Assembled by Gardell Powell, sent out on 10-16-1974. GRRW 7 groove...
  6. j2adams

    SOLD Lyman Great Plains Hunter .54cal

    Hello from New Mexico, I’m listing my Lyman Great Plains Hunter .54cal (1 in 32” twist). I bought it new in 2007, used it on one elk hunt and it has been a safe-queen ever since. If you have any questions, just holler. Rifle is in excellent condition and comes with original box. $400...
  7. j2adams

    Lyman Great Plains Rifle replacement barrel

    I am looking for a replacement .50cal percussion (right hand) barrel for a Lyman Great Plains Rifle. 1:60” preferably, but will take a 1:32” as well.