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  1. William O.

    Rifleman's knife

    Just got this one 2 days ago. Hand forged, curly maple handle and the finest edge I have ever seen. I think it will come in handy the next time I go hunting.
  2. William O.

    1840 era shooting bag design?

    What type of shooting bag would someone likely be carrying around in 1840 or later? Roughly the same territory as Kit Carson traveled.
  3. William O.

    The waiting is the hardest part...

    TVM contacted me yesterday for me to pay my balance for the Early Virginia left hand flint lock I ordered back in June. 54 caliber, 42 inch swamped barrel, silver front sight with super premium curly maple with the red finish. Should arrive in another 4-5 weeks.
  4. William O.

    What size ball?

    I have a Hawken reproduction with some very deep grooves and I'd like advice as to what size RB to use. I've been using mattress ticking that when mildly compressed measures .018 tick for shooting patches in my .54, but this rifle is a little different than anything I've owned before. Grooves...
  5. William O.


    I've been informed that Cayugad, aka Dave Anderson from Wisconsin has passed away from a heart attack at his home about a week ago. I do not have an exact date but Dave was very active on other forums, especially those dealing with muzzleloaders. He was not one to disappear for any length of...
  6. William O.

    New to me Hawken custom rifle

    I recently traded with a friend to get a left handed, 50 caliber Hawkins. The German silver patchbox says "rifle made for J.Bundy and stamped on the Green Mountain barrel flat underneath the maker is M.A. Reese. The last I can find on him was a website and shop in Scottsdale, Arizona that seems...
  7. William O.

    David Brown; RIP

    Assistant Editor of Muzzleloader magazine, David Brown, passed away in his sleep this past Monday/Tuesday. May he rest in peace.
  8. William O.

    Membership cancelled?

    I got a private topic message today stating that Paypal has cancelled my subscription; what gives?
  9. William O.

    strange smell inside of copper pots?

    I just got several items that I had ordered that are copper with tinned lining. Even after rinsing with fresh water several times a strong chemical odor was present on the inside of both pots. A drop of dish detergent and more rinsing still didn't diminish the smell very much so I boiled water...
  10. William O.

    Thinking of getting a smoothbore

    I'm thinking about my next muzzle loader purchase and if it's a long gun then it will be a smoothbore. I already have an early Virginia transitional rifle from TVM which I like very much and have checked out their Fowler which seems to look like what I want. I like that design better than the...
  11. William O.

    What type of bag ?and horn for 1785+ era

    What type of bag and horn would have been used in the 1785-1790 era in the region of South Carolina? It would be worn by a woodsman and part time trader in the area.
  12. William O.

    Help shooting my rock lock

    I'm having trouble holding steady on the target when shooting my flintlock offhand. No problems with accuracy from a benchrest but my groups open up to 6 inches at 50 yards when I try shooting offhand. I have an early Virginia transitional .50 rifle made by Matt Avance. I don't have any...
  13. William O.

    North Carolina 1770-1780

    Can anyone give me some general pointers as far as men's fashions in clothing go in the North Carolina area? I am thinking of developing a new persona based on one of my relatives who served in the NC militia as a spy during the AWI and don't want to buy something that isn't period correct for...
  14. William O.

    My early Texas persona, circa 1830

    I am basing the first three generations on the actual history of my family, then I leave the area and trade with the Seminole & Creek Nation tribes in the Southeast before making my way to Texas around 1830 or so. Here's how we started out; Two brothers from Scotland who were involved in the...
  15. William O.

    refinish stock or buy new one?

    I took a good look at the the stock on my Lyman GPR and am wondering several things. First, the stock needs additional inletting and one of the holes for the front tang bolt needs to be enlarged, or maybe both screws are in the right place and the tang needs to be inlet farther back. There is...
  16. William O.

    KIK brand powder

    I have a friend that got a pound of KIK brand powder at a blanket shoot, anyone have an opinion or experience with this type? Tried searching for "KIK" but didn't get any results.
  17. William O.

    New Braunfels, Texas area

    The White Smoke Brigade meets the Fourth Saturday of the month off of 306 near Pergatory Road; Period dress not required but encouraged, swap gear and stories, shoot a couple of targets and...
  18. William O.

    What would it cost back then?

    If this is in the wrong section please move it, but after watching the "Williamsburg Gunsmith" video we got to wondering what it would cost to have a flintlock such as that one made back in the day? Would it had been a strictly cash transaction, part barter or what?
  19. William O.

    Coffee pots

    When was the coffee "percolator" invented? I'm referring to the kind that you put ground coffee into a cup that has a long tube in the middle that fits inside the pot itself. I don't think the porcelin covered coffee pots are period correct. Could one use a tea ball to brew coffee with and...
  20. William O.

    Will the Davis deer slayer fit?

    Will the Davis trigger replacement fit the Lyman Trade rifle, or will it only work for on double trigger locks?