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  1. Whughett

    Firing the ramrod down range.

    Mining the clubs 25 yard back stop for lead a few years back. Found several pieces of ram rod including the jag tip embedded in the dirt. Fired from a gun?? Is that possible or would any one actually admit to it. I’ve dry balled a few long guns and revolver cylinders, distraction pulled my...
  2. Whughett

    Muzzle Loaders

    Muzzle loading Forum. I’m new to this forum and my basic interest is in percussion revolvers. It’s a very fine forum and I wish I had discovered it 20 years ago. Are percussion revolvers considered “muzzle loaders”. I suppose not in the strictest sense as they aren’t loaded from the “muzzle”...
  3. Whughett

    SOLD Lee Bullet Mold RI

    Per photos. I bought this new in hopes the ball could be used in my Burnside Carbine. Unfortunately it won’t chamber, nose profile is wrong I suppose. Bullet photo on right is the Burnside. I cleaned the mold and blackened it then cast four bullets, other than that it’s little used. $35.00 plus...
  4. Whughett

    TRADE RWS 1075+ Percussion Caps. RI

    I have a large supply of RWS caps. Will trade for 4 wing musket caps. Face to Face Rhode Island. RWS are 250 caps per tin, trade one for one. I also have CCI #11’s if preferred. Same deal. No preference on brand of musket caps.
  5. Whughett

    WANTED WTB Smith Carbine Reproduction. RI/Florida

    Wanted. Reproduction Smith Carbine. Used or new.
  6. Whughett

    Burnside Carbine.

    I’ve managed to purchase one of these with out taking out a second mortgage. A range session this morning I shot 30 rounds using 2F powder and a .562 roundball. Function was great accuracy,not so much. Groups at 50 yards were rather large. A box of 50 .558 x375 grain hollow base bullets came...