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    The Curse Of The Sprue

    I was going over some old Muzzleloader mag's and in May/June 1998 issue there is a article by Darwin Johnston tilted "The Curse Of The Sprue." In it Darwin talks about the fact that the sprue on lead balls is a "Significant blemish on the surface of the ball that can seriously affect the...
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    Hello from Michigan

    Its been a long time since I used my black powder rifles. Was a re-enactor for 12 years and stopped about six years ago. Always loved the smell of black powder and its time I get back to the challenge of target/woods walk shooting.
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    Narragansett Fouler

    New to the forum. Purchased a Lancaster American Fouler with a left side lock (since I am left handed) in 1997 and hardly used it. I became a F&I reinactor and used my fouler for the first month until I acquired a "Brown Bess." Sold the B.B. when I stopped reenacting five years ago and now...