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  1. Leadball loader

    Caywood Wilson Trade Gun

    Shooting my Tulle Fusil de Chasse without a vent liner and modern improvements has let me experience the challenge that faced the shooters of the 18th century. That has made my shooting a lot more meaningful knowing what it was like back then if not as easy as today. I hope to meet the...
  2. Leadball loader

    Trying a little "Squeeze Play" on this one with decent success...

    I think you cheered my day just when I needed it!! Keep up the fun !! LBL
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    Pistols exchanged between Mohawk and British leaders in 1812

    It appears they were purposely made inoperable by breaking the cocks and drilling holes in the barrels. LBL
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    Is the Lyman's Great Plains Rifle a Tack Driver ?

    Mark, you made a fun,interesting video that showed the rifle does drive tacks! You also made it fun and showed a true picture of real life where every shot does not hit the tack. Keep up the good work as I still need to enjoy another video that makes me need to get out and burn some powder! LBL
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    Brown Bess stock

    I seem to recall that original BB were made in a similar fashion and that armorers could not simply change parts without considerable work in many cases when repairs were required. Those originals were manufactured before the introduction of modern industry techniques that allowed truly...
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    Musket replicas with non-drilled vent tubes

    My Access Heritage French 1733 .60 Cavalry Pistol and target from two hours ago. Pistol has been worked on to make it function properly. I have six guns from A H and all are very shootable after some adjustments to improve function. LBL
  7. Leadball loader

    Access Heritage NW Trade Musket finishing

    I have five smooth bore Access Heritage guns that are what I consider to be stronger than originals. They are safe guns to shoot! If you are not confident in drilling and other tinkering then these guns are not something you should get. They have allowed me to get guns I could never afford from...
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    trade gun id

    My N W T Gun is from Military Heritage and is a good shooting piece. I had to do several things to it to get there but it was a fun project and I think it is a strong gun. All the guns I purchased from Military Heritage needed to be tuned but are worth the effort to get a usable shooter! LBL
  9. Leadball loader

    Woods Walk Fun at the NMLRA's Spring Shoot:

    Mark you better practice for next year! Id like to see at least a two on your sheet! At monthly GEEZER shoots I can sometimes get 3 of 10 sometimes! With a .62 smoothbore flint against rifles. That seems to be my limit. Great the smiles!! LBL
  10. Leadball loader

    Any recommendations for 1756 Heavy Dragoon flintlock replica’s?

    All my current shooting Flintlocks are from Access Heritage. The newest is a 1733 french cavalry pistol in .60 cal. I think of these guns as assembled kits and finish them to usable shape. I would be out of luck getting a gun as close to original if it were not for the Indian reproductions. My...
  11. Leadball loader

    Pedersoli Brown Bess light rusting

    The prevention of rust on my FDC is provided by the wool lanolin wax in Fluid Film Penetrant and Lubricant. It makes a wax seal on the metal surface and is not an oil or grease that soaks into stock wood. It also does not dry off the metal surface over time. Wipes from the bore with a cleaning...
  12. Leadball loader

    Minutemen with Fusils?

    In 1745 Louisburgs arms were kept by the Colonial forces that captured it but in 1758 the British Army and Navy controlled the arms captured and Colonial participation was minimal. LBL
  13. Leadball loader

    Another Accessory

    The question might be asked as to what gun it might have been made as an accessory for. Ever see one for British service guns? LBL
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    Minutemen with Fusils?

    In the history of Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick he quotes an Ebenezer Banccroft using his venerable musket taken from the French in Canada to escape as the British surged into the works. I suspect many F&I veterans in New England had French guns from their service. LBL
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    1728 or 1746 French Musket

    My 1728 came from Access Heritage in Ottawa Canada. They are curretly out of stock until June or later. LBL
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    Blood and Treasure: Daniel Boone and the Fight for America's First Frontier

    I am far from proficient at striking sparks to start my camp fire. I have no trouble getting sparks from my lock and start all my fires that way. No fuss, empty gun,nice quick fire in the the pit. LBL
  17. Leadball loader

    Pedersoli Trade Gun ... 1st Time out...

    Straight grain hickory from track of the wolf has worked for me!! I have only broken one and that was an embarrassing event I will not repeat. I hope! LBL
  18. Leadball loader

    Temptation #2

    Brit if you approach this problem with pragmatism you will make the right choice!! Of course I don’t really know if that will help but I had to try!! LBL
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    Muzzleloading's Impact on Health

    My hearing has taken more abuse from operating tractors and the common rotary lawn mower than from my muzzle loaders. I always use ear plugs and muffs for those activities . Still have tinnitus. Exposure to harmful air quality is a fact of modern existence more than black powder smoke. Lead is...