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  1. Stykbow

    Tennessee ML opener tomorrow!

    Good luck to all you other Tennessee boys. Any of you manage a kill I expect pics.
  2. Stykbow

    Target Size?

    What diameter target do y’all use? I went the range yesterday and was shooting at a 4” diameter red dot. It was ok till I started losing the light. I could barely see that sucker at 50 yards and it disappeared at 100. Either I’m shooting at the wrong size target for open sights or I’ve gone blind.😳
  3. Stykbow

    Let’s see them hunting knives

    Just as the title says, let’s see the knife that always makes the trip hunting with you. If you have one for big game and another for small game let’s see them both. Here’s mine. It’s always with me if I’m hunting or just stomping around the woods. Wish I had a better pic handy, but that’s how...
  4. Stykbow

    Does this make sense?

    Shot the GPR for the first time today. I forgot just how much I enjoy it! Anyway, looking at my patches I definitely need something thicker and I need to run a scotchbrite pad thru the barrel. Here is what’s weird. Due to a full range I had to sight in at 100 yards. In order to get on paper I...
  5. Stykbow

    Stuck at work

    I bought a Lyman GPR last week and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Wouldn’t you know it, here I sit at work and the wife lets me know it just showed up. My productivity level just hit the floor. Can’t wait to get home and check it out
  6. Stykbow

    Which powder

    Hello everyone. New member here with a simple question for you. I’ve been shooting ML’s of various types for years, but have never tried real black powder. Now I’m thinking I might give it a go, so with a 50 cal. rifle should I be thinking 3f for powder?