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    WANTED To buy .590 mold

    Want to buy a . 590 round ball mold.
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    WANTED Fusil de Chasse

    looking for a Tulle for F&I time frame. Thanks all
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    WITHDRAWN .44 Army’s Piettas

    Have for sell .44 Army’s new in the box. I bought them 5 or 6 years ago. Was going to start Cowboy Actions shooting but never had the time. $300.00 Each + shipping Flask is $40.00
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    WANTED Used smooth bore

    Looking for a used trade gun or smooth bore $800-$1000 or some trading on one. Thanks, Oldgoat
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    Caywood Wilson Trade Gun

    Hello the camp. Any one own A Caywood Wilson? I am about to drop hammer on one. In and all information Appreciate. Thanks, Oldgoat
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    WITHDRAWN Have up for sell a 3 gun rig

    I have a custom hand made 3 gun rig coped after the rig John AKA Jack Turkey Creek Johnson use in the move Tombstone. These will fit Army’s or Navy’s . Thanks, Oldgoat
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    Hunting lease

    Hello the Camp Looking for hunting lease, where only primitive weapons. I’m not talking about in lines where only 1840 and back weapons can be used. I live in Texas. Thanks Oldgoat
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    WANTED 28 gauge Flinter

    Hello the camp. Looking for a 28 gauge smoothie. Thanks
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    WANTED North West or Wilson Trade gun

    Hello to the camp. Want to buy a .62 (aka) 20ga Northwest or Wilson or Tulle with a 36 bbl. thanks all, Oldgoat
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    WITHDRAWN Colt Black Powder Series “C”

    This is a Colt series “C” Second generation. Box is ruff but pistol is unturned. Factory new with nickel back strap and trigger guard. All numbers match. $ 1,000. You pays shipping. Thanks for looking, Oldgoat
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    WITHDRAWN Flintlock Pistol.50 cal.

    I have a .50cal pistol unfired built about 12 years ago, taking up space in my safe. $900. Shipped to you.
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    WITHDRAWN Colt Black Powder series

    I have .44 Army Colt, it has killed a few Armadillo plus two Coyote. Still in excellent condition. All numbers match. Box looks older than me, am I am two days older that dirt. $700. + Shipping from Texas.
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    WANTED Northwest Trade Gun

    Hello the camp, looking for a Northwest trade gun in 20 gauge. Thanks Oldgoat
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    Hello to the camp

    Hello to the camp. Just getting back in to burning powder. I live in the San Leon area. I have a place to shoot but all my old parts have cross over. But I’m still on the right side of dirt. Eyes are gone bad so looking in to shooting a smoothie. Any clubs on my side of town? Jim aka (oldgoat)
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    What to buy or build

    I want to do a few more rendezvous before I cross over. I’m thinking a North west trade gun or a French Tulle. Thanks Jim aka (oldgoat)
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    I’m thinking about building a Tulle 62 cal. in kit form, but not sure whose to buy. Need help, many moons have come and gone senses I have built anything. I know this group has a wealth of information that would help me decide. Thanks, Oldgoat
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    WANTED 20 Gauge Flinter

    I am looking for a 20 gauge flintlock. I’m 3 days older that dirt, in saying that means I can’t see my rifle sights anymore. If you have one to sell let me know. Thanks all
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    TRADE 50 Cal Flintlock Pistol.

    This is my first post, So not sure what I am doing. I built this back in the 80s for my oldest Son but he decided he wanted something modern that I had finished. So it’s been sitting in the back of my safe and has never been shot. I have made sure the lock worked. I would like to trade for a...