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    A .50 Colonial Rifle ready for the field

    Awesome, You da man !
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    500 Yards, Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade .50 Cal

    IdahoLewis, You are a generous Man !
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    New Duelist1954 YouTube videos

    A very knowledgable man. An asset to the black powder community. Thanks for the videos Mike !
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    Hello from NY

    And a hello from Rochester !
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    T/C hawken percussion lock

    Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated
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    T/C hawken percussion lock

    How tight is the sear pivot screw supposed to be on T/C hawken 50 cal. percussion lock ?
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    Upstate NY Muzzleloader

    Hello from Rochester N.Y.
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    TC Renegade unknown plug?

    Great explanation. Thank you