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    Alternative to CVA Barrel Blaster rust prevention?

    After I am done cleaning the BP rifles I usually run a patch or two of the CVA rust preventer down the barrel prior to storage between shoots. Just wondering if there is an alternative to these? The last batch I bought weren't nearly as good as the older ones. As with everything anymore it seems...
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    CLOSED 20GA Fowler - Flintlock

    I am looking for a 20GA Fowler - must be right handed & flintlock. I'm not picky on the type or style but it's got to have character. For reference I have been looking at the Tennessee Valley American fowler as an option. I would prefer FTF sale (Southeastern PA area) but understanding that...
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    New to forum from SEPA

    Hello All. I am new to the forum and live in Southeast PA. About 5 years ago I was given a beat up old CVA 50 Cal Hawken and it started a bit of a problem. The stock was cracked but "fixed" and it shot well. Super hard to load as the barrel was not well cared for but accurate when you shot it. 2...