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  1. Dryball

    FOR SALE gooddy51 possible scammer

    Read WARNING at top of this section. I have received several in response to want add I've posted. Different "members" but essentially the same. Get PM saying they have a friend that has what you need and gives you his email address.
  2. Dryball

    FOR SALE Well, I got scammed

    Got email from him on 17th in response to my wanted post but I ignored it due to previous description of this kind of scam. Sorry you got hit.
  3. Dryball

    WANTED Where to buy Flints

    Track of the Wolf, Stonewall Creek Outfitters
  4. Dryball

    SOLD Thompson Center Patriot .45 Cal with custom loading stand and accessories

    Dang ....good price and appears to be first year of production.....but I already have four. It will go quickly
  5. Dryball

    WANTED 54 Hawken

    Thanks but looking for half stock
  6. Dryball

    WANTED Thompson center Percussion Hammer
  7. Dryball

    WANTED 54 Hawken

    Looking for contemporary build with nicely figured maple stock. Have some guns may be willing to trade
  8. Dryball


    Hey everyone. I offer scammer insurance. Just send your money through me and I make sure you get what you asked for. Trust me...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. Dryball

    SOLD Dixie .69 Napoleon cannon

    No home should be without one😁. I'll take it. Sending PM
  10. Dryball

    CLOSED TC Patriot .36

    Mines a kit but finished much better than my factory 45's
  11. Dryball

    CLOSED TC Patriot .36

    One on GunBroker right now but wants 7 big ones
  12. Dryball

    TC Patriot .45 Cal

    Those 36's are hard to find. Picked one up about six months ago but paid a premium to get it
  13. Dryball

    Goex 4F out of Stock

    Where I live, what I prime with depends on humidity. On a really dry day I'll use 4f but the finer the granulation the faster it absorbs moisture. I even have 7f ( think black talcum powder ) that almost instantly turns to tar most days. I use 3f most days and it works fine.
  14. Dryball

    FOR SALE CVA Express Double Rifle

    What is twist on these barrels? Ball or conical?
  15. Dryball

    FOR SALE XXL Blackfoot War Shirt - Heavy Elk

    You just described me as well. Almost temped to get it and diet until if fits....
  16. Dryball

    FOR SALE Vintage Tower Lock for Sale

    Dang....why can't it be an 1835.
  17. Dryball

    WANTED Lyman Great Plains barrel

    PS....round all twist
  18. Dryball

    WANTED Lyman Great Plains barrel

    Have right hand 50 in decent shape. Picked it up several years ago with intent to have opened to 56 smoothbore. Have procrastinated long enough. Yours for $225 shipped