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    FOR SALE 62/20 smoothbore barn gun

    That is a gorgeous flintlock!
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    Looking for my first flintlock...Pedersoli?

    I've had no issues with my Pedersoli Brown Bess. My Lyman flintlock deer stalker requires much fussing to make it reliable. The Pedersoli Bess sparks well and the flints seem to last a really long time despite having a very strong/stout lock. On the other hand, my Lyman deer stalker seems to...
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    2F or 3F (in rain & humidity)?

    Great info here! My last hunt in the rain resulted in my first shot from my Bess going off (still missed the squirrel). But all subsequent shots required two attempts before igniting the main charge. Eventually enough water got into the main charge that I had to pull the wad/shot and go home.
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    Do I NEED a Fowler or Fusil?

    I went through this decision a year ago. I wound up picking up a Pedersoli Brown Bess. I've not had the opportunity to hold or shoot a fowling piece but I imagine a fowling piece is a bit lighter and probably points quicker. As such I'm still inclined to buy another smoothbore that is a...
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    Quick outing with smoothbore

    So awesome! I want one of those Pedersoli side by sides in the worst of ways!
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    Bess Monday.

    Awesome! I have enjoyed squirrel hunting with my Bess. Didn’t have time to deer hunt during the primitive season here. I can’t wait to get back out in the woods with mine! Great shooting!
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    CCI #11 and CCI #11 M in stock at Midway

    Thanks so much. I ordered some last night!
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    My oldest smoothbore Warhorse

    That is awesome, thanks for sharing!
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    Brown Bess Squirrels

    Ive done more small game hunting this year than I have big game. For whatever reason I don’t feel as inclined to deer/big game hunt as much this year….maybe that will change once the weather cools off. Thanks!
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    Brown Bess Squirrels

    Im thinking of going to smaller shot to increase my pattern density. Hopefully I can locally source some shot :)
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    Buckskinner stories - Tales from the hunt

    Thanks, great looking rifles!
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    thoughts from you guys?

    I have not found any larva in the squirrels I've harvested in NE KS thus far. When I was growing up in SE TN, most of the squirrels I shot in August had them. We finally received some cooler weather here in KS and I'm looking forward to getting out to hunt without having to worry about...
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    Buckskinner stories - Tales from the hunt

    I forgot to ask about your shooting irons! Mind sharing the details of your rifles? Thanks!
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    Brown Bess Squirrels

    I was able to get into the woods this evening after work and before a storm came through eastern Kansas. I was lucky enough to connect with three squirrels before I ran out of daylight. My load this time was 80 grains of Swiss 1.5F, fiber shot card, 1 3/4 OZ #6, and over shot card…..I had...
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    Buckskinner stories - Tales from the hunt

    Great hunting, thanks for sharing with us!
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    September Squirrel count:

    Awesome shooting! Wish I was that effective with my Bess!
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    Brown bess repro genral info

    My Bess shoots well with 2F powder (and larger). It also does well with paper patched .69 round balls (my musket has a .75 bore diameter). I also get decent patterns with 1 3/4 OZ lead shot over 80 grains of powder (1F, 1.5F, and 2F work fine….3F blows out the pattern) as long as I keep the...
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    Is everyone else ready for hunting season?

    It has been too hot for me to hunt KS muzzleloader season. I’ve taken my Brown Bess out on a few squirrel hunts this far, but haven’t hunted deer with it yet. fingers crossed the weather cools off soon!
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    Trying out some Smoothbore "ricochet" shooting fun...

    Thanks for the video! After watching your shoot I was motivated to get outside and spend some time with my Brown Bess. Thanks for the motivation!