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  1. JamesT

    FOR SALE Tennessee Rifle

    For sale is this custom East TN rifle made by Ken Guy of Tennessee. He makes a very nice rifle. I was going to hunt with it but havnt even gotten around to shooting it. Time for it to go to someone who will use it. Stocked in a pretty piece of curly maple. All of the furniture is handmade...
  2. JamesT

    WANTED Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver

    Hello. Looking to purchase a Colt 2nd. Gen. Model 1849 revolver. Any condition. Does not need to be new and I don't necessarily need the box. Price negotiable on condition. Thanks for considering. James
  3. JamesT

    SOLD Display Case

    I am offering this display box shipped to you in the lower 48 for $25.00 It is used and has a few scratches and such but is still in good condition. A bit too small to hold a cap n ball revolver as seen in the photos but could keep some knives or other treasures. The padded display area measures...
  4. JamesT

    SOLD Tennessee Squirrel Rifle

    Hello, I've decided it's time to sell this rifle. I've owned it more than a year and have not fired it yet. It is a beautiful little Tennessee rifle made with the features of the Soddy Daisy school of southeast TN. Overall length is about 55" and is stocked in Cherry. All of the furniture...
  5. JamesT

    My new/old horn and bag

    So ive had this horn laying around my entire life. I used to play with it as a child. It was the remaining piece of either a Davey Crockett or Daniel Boone play set offered in the Sears Christmas catalog of the 1950s era. Any of y'all remember them? Anyhow it was from my Fathers youth and was...
  6. JamesT

    SOLD Early Colonial Rifle

    I am selling this Early Colonial .54 calibre rifle built and signed by Jesse Brennan. Rifle is signed on the top flat on a silver plate inlay. Length of pull is about 13 3/4" to the front trigger. Chambers lock and carbon steel vent liner. Stocked in maple with looks to me homemade sights and...
  7. JamesT

    WITHDRAWN Southern banded horn

    Here is a nice banded horn that measures about 16" along the outside curve. Has a bone button for the strap and either bone or antler spout. I can't tell. The length of the strap can be adjusted using the twine cordage. Feels to be more comfortable for left side carry but I suppose you could...
  8. JamesT

    SOLD Hunting knife and sheath

    This is a custom made knife I took in trade but I do not know the maker. It has a beautiful Damascus Blade with some sort of stag antler scales attached with brass rivets. The spine of the blade has some real nice file work. This is a used knife and priced as such. Sturdy and we'll balanced with...
  9. JamesT

    SOLD Gunsmiths and Allied Tradesmen of TN and MO

    Two books. Gunsmiths and Allied Tradesmen of Tennessee, and Gunsmiths and Allied Tradesmen of Missouri. Both books by James B. Whisker. Copyright 2009 and 2010 respectively. As new. $30 shipped to any of the lower 48 states.
  10. JamesT

    WANTED Lyman Mould 577611

    Looking for a Lyman minie ball Mould 577611. With or without handles. Looking to purchase outright or trade for something you may need. Thanks for your time. James
  11. JamesT

    SOLD Southern banded horn and bag

    Here is a nice banded horn that measures about 16" along the outside curve. Has a bone button for the strap and either bone or antler spout. I can't tell. The length of the strap can be adjusted using the twine cordage. Feels to be more comfortable for left side carry but I suppose you could...
  12. JamesT

    SOLD Ken Netting Squirrel Rifle

    Selling my Ken Netting Squirrel Rifle. I have two rifles so I have decided to part with this one. It is a .40 caliber tack driver. If you need evidence of this just check out my squirrel season thread on this forum. If you dont know Ken Netting is a wonderful builder and person but is no longer...
  13. JamesT

    SOLD Dafarbed Dance Brothers .44

    This is a defarbed Dance Brothers .44cal. Repro of the pistols made in Texas for the Confederacy. This pistol has been shot very little and has no mechanical issues. All modern and Italian markings removed and has a nice patina. The original pistols were made from iron and not steel so they were...
  14. JamesT

    SOLD Colt 2nd Gen. 1851 Navy

    Pretty certain this is a 2nd Gen. Definately not the 3rd Gen. Signature series. Regardless this is a used Colt Navy. No paperwork, no box. Pistol only. .36cal. Has significant wear from use but locks up tight, shoots well, and has no mechanical issues. Case hardening is all but gone. Has some...
  15. JamesT

    SOLD Spiller and Burr Revolver

    For sale is a defarbed Confederate Spiller and Burr revolver. All modern markings removed and period correct markings placed on the pistol. Overall antique finish applied. Pistol functions flawlessly and bore is like new. Fired about 50 rounds through it using only 18 grains. .36 caliber. Action...
  16. JamesT

    Squirrel Season 2020

    With the interest in all things squirrel hunting in mind I thought I would start a thread on our successes. Post your hunt photos and any details youd like. Maybe your favorite recipes or how you like to prepare them!
  17. JamesT

    C.S. Richmond Rifle Musket

    I just picked up a used Armi Sport Richmond armory musket at a really decent price. Very nice condition and really hasnt been shot much. That being said, the nose cap and butt plate which are supposed to be brass, are actually brass colored steel. Why Armi Sport ever did this is beyond my...
  18. JamesT

    Help me identify this shell.

    Here is a shell that was dug on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay North of Baltimore and South of Elkton(Head of Elk) Maryland. My assumption is that it is a British ship born mortar shell War of 1812 or maybe American Revolution. It is 8" in diameter with a wall thickness of about 1 1/8"...
  19. JamesT

    FOR SALE Original powder horn no.2

    Nice little simple horn with appealing architecture. 51 Navy for size comparison. $70 shipped. Willing to entertain trades. Message me if interested.
  20. JamesT

    FOR SALE Original powder horn no.1

    Here is a neat little horn. Has some worm damage but is a nice decorative piece. 51 Navy for size comparison. $60 shipped or always willing to trade. Message me if interested.