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    This has probably been asked before

    This question has probably been asked Before ... And probably all kinds of answers...but here goes... How long should you leave your muzzleloader loaded? Tomorrow will be a week and a day for me and I plan on shooting it off after hunting tomorrow if I don't see a deer and shoot at it 1st... I...
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    It finally happened....

    Today I finally took my 1st deer with a side lock using a PRB .495 pushed by 90 grains of triple 7 2f ball entered top of shoulder and was stuck underneath the hide on opposite side... The shot was 40 yards away... The rifle is a traditions deer Hunter my kids got me for Father's day a few years...
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    Veterans Day

    To all that served... happy veterans Day ...thank you for your service... We wouldn't be here without you
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    Opening day

    The TN muzzleloader season starts to day heading in now with my son wish us luck and pray we stay safe what a great day today
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    Black powder TV Bob?

    Has anyone heard from Bob I heard he was dealing with a Heath issue awhile back was hoping all was well. Just wondering about him always like his you tube channel and learning from him
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    CLOSED Muzzle loading shotgun

    I just missed the sale of two of them last night.. but I am looking for a BP shotgun for turkey hunting
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    Point of aim and impact

    I have a quick question about point of aim and impact while hunting from an elevated stand with a muzzleloader? Is there an arc angle that takes place like a bow? And you should aim a little lower .. or hold on you target where you want to hit it? Thanks for all replies
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    Lost deer

    I am new to the black powder world my kids bought me a kit for father's day I put together.. couldn't believe how much I enjoyed shooting it. So I decided to deer hunt with it and only use bp all year for my hunting season. Saturday I was in the stand at 1:48 pm when a buck pushing a doe came...