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  1. j2adams

    FOR SALE Woodland style quilled knife sheath

    If trade negotiations don’t work out with Redbear, I’ll purchase it.
  2. j2adams

    Late intro

    Howdy from Raton, NM :horseback:
  3. j2adams

    A .50 Colonial Rifle ready for the field

    Outstanding work sir!
  4. j2adams

    Small Belt Axe

    That’s going to be a handy belt axe. Well done sir!
  5. j2adams

    .54 fullstock Hawken

    That is a sharp looking rifle! Well done!
  6. j2adams

    Holla from NM

    Howdy and welcome from Raton, NM!
  7. j2adams

    WANTED peep sight for a TC hawkin

    Contact @Boomerang on this forum. He makes peep sights that might be what you’re looking for. Mine works fabulously.
  8. j2adams

    SOLD Gorgeous CVA Mountain Rifle .50cal Percussion

    Dang that looks good Jonathan! Great job 👏
  9. j2adams


    Good morning from Raton, New Mexico :horseback:
  10. j2adams

    FOR SALE .44 Smoothbore Derringer

    SPF to Old Hawkeye
  11. j2adams

    FOR SALE .44 Smoothbore Derringer

    Reduced to $200 shipped to your door (CONUS)
  12. j2adams

    FOR SALE .44 Smoothbore Derringer

    CMC .44 Smoothbore Derringer. Fun little derringer to shoot. $225 TYD (CONUS). PayPal or USPS money order preferred.
  13. j2adams

    Kibler 58 Finished.

    That’s a lovely rifle!
  14. j2adams

    Hello From Texas

    Welcome from neighboring New Mexico!
  15. j2adams

    Parowan Valley, Utah

    Howdy from Raton, New Mexico amigo!
  16. j2adams

    Hello from Clinton Utah. It is nice to be in a group of like minded folks.

    Howdy and welcome from Raton, NM!:horseback:
  17. j2adams

    New rifle

    Nice find! I’m sure it will bring you years of enjoyment. I’ve had one in .45 that I’ve hunted with for about a decade and another one in .50 that is on the way as we speak.