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    Frizzen hardness question

    In the past, I was an History Reenactor for the French & Indian War. I would fire around 100 rounds (blanks) in my Brown Bess 12 to 14 weekends out of the year for 12 years. After ten years, my frizzen was showing signs of losing spark. At most Reenactments, there were several portable...
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    Smoothbore flintlock kit

    Have you gone to any events in your area that reenactors come to? Have you researched reenactor groups in your area you are interested in portraying? Having been an reenactor for 12 years, I suggest talking to local groups and find out what weapons they use before purchasing a...
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    ALL cannon owners use 1f powder and you use less powder per charge (in volume) then using 2f or 3f. Cannon's are expensive to own and fire. In my regiment we had two cannons, one three pounder and one six pounder.
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    Graff and Sons Black Powder

    I tried most powders but prefer GOEX over all others for my rifles and smoothbore. I have GOEX one pound cans that I have storied for more than 12 years with no issues. Fires like I purchased the powder yesterday. All cans are metal and I see that all powder is now sold in plastic containers...
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    New member from Montana

    Howdy from the Great Lake's state, Michigan.
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    Were knee britches the only pants worn on the frontier?

    When I was reenacting the French & Indian War, I would wear canvas hand-made leggings that covered above my knee down to the top of my shoe when going through heavy brush that might contain burrs and briars and was very comfortable. Later, I water-proofed the canvas and was a great addition in...
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    Howdy from WNC

    Hello and welcome from Michigan, 36 miles north of Detroit.
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    storing black powder in powder horn and/or flask

    Jake2454, I store black powder in my horn during the shooting and hunting season but, empty my horn into the original metal container stored in a cool dry place (basement) during the winter. I have used a brass flask with spring control opening from time to time. Likewise, I empty the flask...
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    Ballistol makes a great salad dressing.... and that is why I will not use it on any of my firearms.
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    howdy all

    Welcome from Michigan.
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    french or english flints

    I go with the English flints. The French flints are more costly and I see no difference when using either one. Sometimes, I find the French flints are harder to find, so its easer to stick with English flints.
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    New to Forum

    Welcome from Michigan, I was involved in reenacting the French and Indian war for about 12 years.
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    A new Powder Horn

    What tools did you use to carve your powder horn?
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    Historical question regarding combat with muzzleloading rifles

    I will add to Grenadier 1758s comment and say that during the French & Indian War time period, shooting smooth bore muskets during battle no patch was used. The men used rolled paper cartridges filled with measured powder with both ends twisted or folded closed. To load, they would tear off...
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    Why Dawn Dish detergent

    Why bother using any soap. I run a brush down the barrel several times to remove as much caked-on crud and dump the crud out of the barrel each time. Then I remove the lock, then plug the touch hole and pour plain boiling water down the barrel and let it sit for a few minutes. I then pull out...
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    42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot Uniforms c. 1757-1765

    Straight last shoes do not come in "wide" sizes just size "D" in width. Therefore, going up in length does give you some extra width space. You are lucky to find a good fitting straight last shoe without trying them on in person. The second pair of straight last shoes I purchased, I had a...
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    42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot Uniforms c. 1757-1765

    Best way to break-in a pair of straight last shoes is to get them wet and wear them until nearly dry. The shoes will form to your feet. I had a new pair and as a re-enactor, the event my regiment went to, the area was wet from several days of raining, and it rained the morning we arrived. In...
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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    T/C percussion rifle in 54 caliber for hunting around 1989. Then several months later, purchased a drop-in Green Mountain barrel in 50 caliber for round ballcompetition target shooting. Still own both.
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    Were knee britches the only pants worn on the frontier?

    In the 1800's knee britches were worn by most men that go just below the knee, and ALLWAYS wore knee socks with them. 1800's men believed you were naked if you walked around with your knees exposed while wearing britches.
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    New from southern Michigan

    Welcome from Macomb country Michigan.