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    Civil War soldiers spent very little time in combat, so most of the time it would not have mattered. They did do a fair amount of troop movement from time to time, and spent a lot of time in camp. When in camp or work details the leather equipment was not usually worn anyway. Even in combat the...
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    1861 Navy

    Muzzle heavy is good. Steadier on target. Less recoil.
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    Powder shortage effects

    Buy your lifetime supply of BP and caps as soon as you can.
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    Need opinions for a squirrel rifle?

    I suspect a lot more “ barking “ has been done by accident than on purpose. If someone is a good enough shot to bark a squirrel intentionally, they are good enough to shoot them in the head. Not enough edibles in the head to worry about damaging anyway.
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    barrel or rebore??

    The rebore will almost certainly be cheaper and faster. If it has a hooked breech it will still fit up okay when Bobby Hoyt sends the rebored or re-lined barrel back to you.
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    Man Who Stole Johann Christian Oerter Rifle Sentenced

    Did the thief preserve the rifle with oil or grease to preserve it’s condition.
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    Most common barrel on smooth bore long guns mid to late 1700's

    Also, a lot of people in rural areas hunted everything year around. For the 6 months or longer that the leaves were on the trees, the ranges at which shots were taken were shorter than fall or winter. The typical shot was probably 10 to 35 yards. Rifling not needed for those ranges. Same for the...
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    FOR SALE CVA SxS 12 Gauge

    Does it have a butt plate? Is it choked?
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    More on goex

    Not really. I’m pretty good at sentence construction. The word “ not “ doesn’t belong there. I rewrote the sentence a couple of times and got distracted and posted before I could proofread it. I caught the mistake about 3 days later when it was too late to edit.
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    OK, we are going to carry some lube

    I use an Altoids hinged lid box to carry pre-lubed and cut patches, and a few balls. The lube is a mix of melted beeswax and olive oil. Mix ratio depends on shat time of year I am making them for, but generally it seems to work out to about 60% beeswax to 40% olive or some kind of cooking oil.
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    12L14 barrel comes apart

    There may be a little truth to that, but avoiding the softer steel really limits your options on shopping for a muzzleloader since that may be what almost all manufacturers use.
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    12L14 barrel comes apart

    100% shooter error. In this case, virtually any barrel of similar dimensions with stronger steel could have blown. I hope this does not turn into a witch hunt for identifying the maker of the barrel. Distraction and talking on the firing line has caused many accidents and damaged guns...
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    Small Belt Axe

    The best machete is the Blackie Collins designed one and made by Ontario with a blade about 12 inches long. Was made in two lengths. The longer one is the same length as most other machetes. The shorter one ( I have 2 of them ) has a blade length of about 12” as stated above. They were made for...
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    What revolver to buy

    1851 Navy. Steel frame. .36 caliber. The most classic of all the percussion revolvers. Every serious percussion revolver enthusiast should have at least one.
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    If I was a man living on the frontier during the revolution what would I have carried?

    I would say lots of hunters started out with horses. And lots of hunters returned home on foot after the Indians stole them.
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    Sounds like you WILL have a big explosion in your basement if your house burns. You need to re-think your storage arrangement. Big-time. Isn’t “ containment what you want to avoid? black powder + containment + high heat / fire = KABOOM ! black powder + high heat /fire - containment = WHOOSH ...
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    I have never heard of glass sparking with anything.
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    My Powder Horn is illegal in California

    It’s hard not to insert one of the better Kalifornia jokes I’ve heard in months here . . . .
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    Anyone think this would look good on the front of a pietta navy?

    I believe the term is “ Patridge “ sight.