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  1. Tanglefoot


    Sometimes they do stick handle first, Klatch. Depends on how hard you throwem and how punky your target block is. Up in New England, they used to have "informal" knife throwing matches after all the shootin' iron were put away for the day. The target was often a playing card stuck on the...
  2. Tanglefoot

    FOR SALE Grips for Colt 1851, 1860, Remington 1858, Schofield, etc.

    Never mind. My PC just caught up and I saw your pics. Thanks.
  3. Tanglefoot

    FOR SALE Grips for Colt 1851, 1860, Remington 1858, Schofield, etc.

    Do you have pictures of these grips? Please?
  4. Tanglefoot


    The trick with knife is "pointy end first," Klatch. (BSEG)
  5. Tanglefoot

    WANTED 12Ga double shotgun, percussion

    What are you asking for the twice barrel parts, Cobra6?
  6. Tanglefoot


    Howdy Mudcreek, Here's some thoughts, fiction and otherwise. Try Give Your Heart To The Hawks by Win Blevin. It's a collection of stories about the original mountain men like John Colter and Jeddidiah Smith. You might also like the series by A.B. Guthrie that starts with The Big Sky...
  7. Tanglefoot

    Rifleman's knife (almost a short sword)

    Note to Artificier: I don't speak Gaelic but when I was just a lad I was taught that `gralloching' was the process by which a bull calf was converted to a steer. Stockman pocket knives have a separate blade called the gralloching blade still today. Long bladed knives like the Rifleman's knife...
  8. Tanglefoot

    Hand cast vs. swaged round balls

    erhunter: I forgot to add ---- casting your own RB is also a h*ll of a lot cheaper, especially if you can find pure lead for pennies a pound. Try plumbing supply shops, or automobile salvage yards, or junkyards. As for patch lube, the best I ever used was YCA#103 but it's no longer available...
  9. Tanglefoot


    Yepper! As I understand it,the base of the can is left slightly concave,and that allows enough expansion of the rim to hug the smooth bore. The powder chamber of the cohorn was machined in the breech end of the bore.
  10. Tanglefoot

    Revolver chain fires

    Just so's you know, nkbj --- Those superimposed load guns are called "Roman candle guns" by collectors and by the gent who wrote that book I mentioned earlier. Stantheman --- It was common practice during our own Civil War especially amongst the Border Raiders and other Irregular troops to carry...
  11. Tanglefoot


    We had a Coehorn during the Bicentennial built on an Oak base that (coincidentally) was the right bore size to accept a beer can filled with cement. No wheels. I like yours, Tramp.
  12. Tanglefoot

    Revolver chain fires

    There's nothing new under the sun, they say. A musket made in Nuremberg, Germany in the 1600's was loaded with 16 superimposed charges. It had two locks, a wheel lock and a match lock but only one trigger. In use, the first pull of the trigger operated the wheel lock which fired the 9...
  13. Tanglefoot

    Wearing Blue

    I don't know the science of it, but I've had deer, rabbits and squirrels, `possums and raccoons, minks, antelope, muskrats,mule deer, bobcats, beaver, prairie dogs, woodchucks, coyotes, wild turkeys, and other critters come right up close enough to touch so long as I was still. I remember...
  14. Tanglefoot

    I don't like to use a ball starter.

    Well, Brokennock, I believe that what I said was ".. in my experience" a loose patch-ball combination was less accurate than a tight one. I believe I also said that a loose fit combo can, and sometimes does, move towards the muzzle end of the bore while hunting if the piece is carried with the...
  15. Tanglefoot

    I don't like to use a ball starter.

    It surprises me to see how many ML shooters are apparently more concerned with their convenience while loading than they are with the accuracy of their shooting. Sure, if you use a loose enough patch/ball combination it's easier to load. It's also less accurate, in my experience. The more...
  16. Tanglefoot

    Beading on Leather question

    Armando, You might write to Cathy Smith out at the Nambe Trading Post outside of Santa Fe. She's the Curator there and she knows as much about beading and quillwork as anybody I've met. You can find her e-mail address if you Google her name or the Trading Post. Tanglefoot
  17. Tanglefoot

    Buffalo Bill Historical Center Hawken Rifle Display

    Thankee kindly, Cowboy. I've been there (Cody) and toured the museums too. That's beautiful country, but `way too cold for these old bones in the robe season. When ye get there again, stop by Gerry Fick's "Tecumseh's Trading Post" on the main drag and if he's still on the green side of the...
  18. Tanglefoot

    Information about BP measures.

    Howdy Two Feathers, It's been my experience that every single barrel "likes" a different load best, and I've first determined that and then made a powder measure to fit. One such rifle wants 90 grains of FFg, and another of the same caliber wants 75. A wee little .40 caliber just shoots...
  19. Tanglefoot


    I had cataract surgery on both eyes a few years ago, and was delighted with the results. Still am. I had 20/20 vision in my right eye and 20/100 in my left as a boy, and as a result wore glasses since I was about 11 or 12 but the right lens was clear glass then. The vision in both eyes got...
  20. Tanglefoot

    Making Pre-Cut Patches?

    Nice shot, Griz ...
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