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  1. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures

    That was taken when I just received my Tennessee Valley Iron Pennsylvania rifle ....
  2. Sunkmanitu Tanka


    No ML gear but the complete and unabridged Leatherstocking series from James Fenimore Cooper in ONE hefty book! If I drop that book on my foot I will be cripled for life! Is a good read though!
  3. Sunkmanitu Tanka


    Shoot WITH it? Or AT it????
  4. Sunkmanitu Tanka


    Oh my! I fear I am in trouble now ... I never guessed my flintlock could or would become jealous if I bought a newfangled 1911 pistol ... I hope that I can make things right by loading and shooting the 1911 with lead balls and real black powder... Just have to figure out the ignition with flints...
  5. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Shooting Round Balls Without patches

    If you need to use a cow to have a good seal on the ball ... then I would suggest you use a larger caliber ball! ;) Sorry ... couldn't resist it ....
  6. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    I know about the dry ball club; but is there a no ball club?!?

    All of the above (except the broken-ramrod-club)...The one time I accidentally shot my ramrod away I even scored an "X" with it (and cut the target in two!) ....I then also joined the "should-have-seen-the-look-on their-face" club, along with everybody present there! :oops:
  7. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Realistic accuracy expectations

    I will start to say that my gun offers better accuracy than I am able to get out of it... The human factor in shooting is probably what impairs accuracy the most. For years I try to make a once a week trip to the gun range. Most often to shoot off hand targets at 50 meters. I have always kept...
  8. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    What is the oddest lead item you've made ammunition from?

    I once received a cushion filled with lead balls used as a ballast in a glider... When they got some glider pilot like a teenager or so of which they knew he was not heavy enough, they placed that cushion on the seat to ad some ballast ... They liked those gliders back on the ground before the...
  9. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Why Do You Not Shoot In Line Matches?

    I competed for several years ....Those were 13 shot matches - 10 best count ... to be delivered in 30 minutes... In most cases I had to compete in the same line-up with sharps shooters, percussion shooters and lever action shooters.... out of the ten or 12 shooters I was always the last one...
  10. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    What is your main use for your muzzle loaders?

    I like my flintlocks best ... although I have a few percussion guns and a lever action ... I use them extensively for target shooting - When offhand shooting a target at 50 meters, or rested on the 100 meters range, it is a challenge to get the smallest group possible and a few XX's if possible...
  11. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Diamond file report

    Your description of the use of such a file was far better than I was able to give... So thank you for that! I stand by your and my findings although I understand that there are people who want to remain more on the side of ''how it was done in the 18th and 19th centuries"... On the other hand...
  12. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    some knife assembling I did as a winter project

    We place a bulk order of raw quills in the USA then prepare, color, sort them ... Almost all of our raw materials have to come from the USA ...
  13. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    some knife assembling I did as a winter project

    Its is quillwork - with porcupine quills ...
  14. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    some knife assembling I did as a winter project

    The blades will quickly get some 'aging' just by using them - now they still look to new to me ...
  15. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    some knife assembling I did as a winter project

    I live in town with no possibility to do some blacksmithing. I wanted some knives and decided to start from existing blades. Mora Knives from Sweden sell some really nice blades with three layers that really hold a sharp edge. Ans the New Zealand firm Svord Knives sell a farmers folding knife...
  16. Sunkmanitu Tanka


    I found an antique writing - campaign box on e-bay... Every now and then I find some nice tidbits that make this campaign box complete... I also prepared some quills that really work well. In between the weekly shooting at the clubrange I dwell on paleography ... the study of old writing, the...
  17. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Buffalo Skinner kit

    I made a similar cartouche - it was a winter project for my wife ...
  18. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Historical map

    Thank you for your compliment and I will certainly have a go at your suggestion to write to different museums ...
  19. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Historical map

    Thank you for this tip ... I'm going to find out if and where I can get it!
  20. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Historical map

    Finally my map came through... Again troubles with customs ... Those guys are so tiring! Good clear map with a lot of details of the middle colonies ... but ... printed on glossy poster paper ... I will have to look for a good copy center where they can make good copies on normal paper. Not yet...
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