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  1. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    some knife assembling I did as a winter project

    I live in town with no possibility to do some blacksmithing. I wanted some knives and decided to start from existing blades. Mora Knives from Sweden sell some really nice blades with three layers that really hold a sharp edge. Ans the New Zealand firm Svord Knives sell a farmers folding knife...
  2. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Somewhere in Belgium?

    Hi there! I am living in the neighborhood of Antwerp - Belgium. I am looking for people who are also interested in late 18th Century re enactment ... I was for years in another part of that hobby. Since a few years my interest shifted towards the AWI period .... It doesn't have really to do with...
  3. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    old bottles ...

    In completing my AWI setting, I am trying to get some bottles from that period ... Jason Townsend sells some, but (if and how) they arrive in Europe they cost me more than what I want to pay. Bottles in that period where mostly green in color. There are Port and Gin bottles that I can find here...
  4. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Historical map

    I am looking for a historical map from the A.W.I.- periode... I found a map that would be perfect - the 1777 map of North East America drawn by De La Tour. Lots of contemporary information and details .... BUT: For a copy in a reasonable size the price is really high! Over here in Belgium I...
  5. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    cleaning pinned triggergroup

    Hallo all! Some time ago I asked help about preventing rust between a pinned barrel and stock. Now I have another question. My Pedersolis have a trigger group that can be removed by simple removing some screws. I did this about once a year, and it was really necessary because there was A LOT of...
  6. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    length of gun's ramrod?

    Hi all! All of my shooting is done on the club range. I use a convenient range rod with all necessities... I often wonder about the shortness of the ramrod that is delivered together with the gun.Since I live in Europe, I ordered several extra ramrods when I ordered my TVM Iron Pennsylvania...
  7. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Pinned barrel problem

    I have a gun with pinned barrel. I always leave the barrel in place when I clean the gun. After 2 years I want to remove the barrel to check the underside of the barrel for rust. The largest pin came out easy. the middle pin was bent a little but came out fine. I guess the holes in barrel and...
  8. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    How often do you remove the pinned barrel of your gun?

    I found the previous topic 'Do you remove your lock for cleaning' quite interesting. And yes I remove my lock every time I have used the gun... I have my TVM Iron Pennsylvania for exactly one year and love it! I put 800 shots through it in that period... How often should I remove the barrel to...
  9. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Turpentine as BP solvent?

    Yesterday I was reading the latest Muzzleloader Magazine... (my favorite pastime before going to sleep). In "Letters From Our Readers" I noticed that one reader is a great fan of using Turpentine as a BP solvent ... Anyone else tried this before? Or used white spirit or anything of the kind?
  10. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    case hardened lock - remove color?

    Hallo All! I bought a gun (still has to be delivered) that has a case hardened lock. Is there a way to remove the color of that case hardening? File work? Some chemical that you can apply? Thank you for your input! :hatsoff:
  11. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    cal. 45 - fffg or ffg ???

    Hallo All, Until now I have always shot my 3 cal. 45 flintlocks with Swiss nr. 2 BP in FFFG... I read the recomandation to use FFFG till cal. 45 and to start FFG (also) from cal. 45 and higher... Before I buy some FFG (and find out it 's no good) I wanted to ask if anyone has tried the two into...
  12. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    FF or FFF in .45 flintlock

    I own and shoot two Pedersoli Flintlocks. One is a Kentucky and the other a Frontier. Both are cal. 45. I use a .445 ball with a .20 prelubed wonder lube patch, and an OPW to protect the patch. The powder I use is the Swiss nr.2 (FFF)with a 56 grain load for both. I only shoot targets - no...
  13. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Powder horn spout question

    I like the southern banded horns with turned spouts. If you want to get into powder horn building, then it makes sence to invest in a lathe to make that spout and a base plug. But what if you just want to make just one horn, just the one you want to use? I do not think that in the old days...
  14. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    barrel lug loose

    Hello all, In the previous topic "I'm about done" there is talk of "take your barrel pins out and make sure the lugs are slotted"... A bit further one says: "... relieving them parallel with the barrel"... I do not understand this, and would like to know more about it - and what the purpouse...
  15. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    recovered lead balls are gritty...

    Hallo all, I recovered a quantity of spent lead balls from a sand back stop. There is a fair amount of fine gravell in it, very fine more like gritty dust... How do I proceed from here if I want to melt them down into new cast balls? Must I clean them? If so how? I know that water and hot lead...
  16. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    cleaning gun with steam

    FWIW ... When you pay a visit to the website of Davide Pedersoli you will find their online magazine... In the latest issue they discribe a new steam cleaner they developed for cleaning black powder arms... gimmick or usefull tool? I dunno ... :idunno: :shocked2:
  17. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Cast-Off question

    Hi gents! The topic about LOP raised another question in my mind... I think I understand the principle of cast-off - It goes about the rifle stock that is formed in such a manner that when you aim your gun, it just sits comfortable against your cheek, and the sights are quickly aligned ... Do I...
  18. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    110 yard advice needed

    Hello all, I shoot my Frontier Pedersoli .45 cal flintlock nearly weekly on a 50 m (approx. 55 yards) range. I am an average shooter, not a top notch sniper type of guy, but I have a lot of fun with this gun. This gun likes 56 grains of Swiss nr. 2 Black Powder, and I use .20 factory patches...
  19. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    How to determine length of trigger pull?

    Hello all! I am saving up for a new flintlock. I am of course looking around on websites of different custom builders... There are builders that will adjust the stock of the gun 'to your length of trigger pull' .... What is the best way of finding out your own 'length of trigger pull'...
  20. Sunkmanitu Tanka

    Rapine bag mould

    Hallo all! :hatsoff: About six months ago I ordered with TOTW a bag mold for cal. 440 round balls.... They still are taking orders ... but I am fed up waiting for that long ... I once noticed in a topic that Rapine made good bag molds, but I cannot find any email adress or website... I googled...
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