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  1. Armando

    Making a shooting bag; turning it inside out?

    That worked great! Now I wish I wouldn't have done such a loose whip stitch.
  2. Armando

    Making a shooting bag; turning it inside out?

    Any tips on Turning bag inside out? Working with some heavier leather and though I haven’t tried soaking it yet just wondered if there was any tips. Used a looser whip stitch hoping that it would be easier to work
  3. Armando

    FOR SALE canvas Haversack

    More Pics? Is this one you made or mass produced?
  4. Armando

    SOLD Elk Antler Cap Box

    Nice? Is it hinged? I'm curious how the cap is attached and might be interested in it!
  5. Armando

    Beading on Leather question

    Yup That's me! I plan to be at one of the March shoots. I can't always be there because I'm either working on Sat or playing Uber to my boys activities. :)
  6. Armando

    SOLD .54 Flint Pedersoli Jaeger Rifle

    Let me know if it doesn't go through...I'm interested.
  7. Armando

    Beading on Leather question

    So once I finish making a bead strip on the loom, how do I attach it to some backing so I can sew it onto a strap?
  8. Armando

    SOLD wooden canteen

    I’m interested What is The original manufacture? Are you sure it will hold water or is it just a souvenir?
  9. Armando

    Must-see historical sites near Flagstaff, AZ?

    Will be making a trip with the family (all avid history buffs) to AZ in April. I know all the usual tourist traps but interested any some lesser known (or maybe just not known by me) historical sites near Flagstaff, AZ. We'll be driving all over the place from there so even places 2hrs away...
  10. Armando

    Tarp/Cover for Trekking

    If I buy the Crazy Crow red tarp, it looks like they sell by the yard. How many yards do you usually need to make a diamond shelter?
  11. Armando

    Tarp/Cover for Trekking

    Going to test drive some gear to start moving toward my first longer trekking with period equipment. What is the bare minimum (period correct) type shelter? What were they using for groundcloth (if any) and for cover?
  12. Armando

    Recommended sources for F&I era clothing and accouterments?

    This was great..thank you! I made a whole folder of bookmarked links!
  13. Armando

    Recommended sources for F&I era clothing and accouterments?

    Looks like that book is not available on Amazon. Sounds like something I must have for my library
  14. Armando

    Recommended sources for F&I era clothing and accouterments?

    Trying to get my kit together to participate in juried F&I era events. Looks like I need to start from ground up since even my breeches are too late (drop front). Any reliable easy-to-use sources for F&I era clothing and accouterments?
  15. Armando

    Indian bead loom for a beginner?

    Can you can recommend me bead loom for a brand new beginner? don’t even know how difficult it is but if I can learn to do some stuff for my straps, etc. that would be pretty satisfying.
  16. Armando

    Pattern for simple Shooting Bag?

    Could you recommend a good source for these hides? Tandy doesn't have all these selections (and are often too expensive).
  17. Armando

    Pattern for simple Shooting Bag?

    What grade or thickness of leather did you use? I have some deer skins I harvested this year but I still need to flesh, stretch and tan them so that won't be until it warms up and I can work outside.
  18. Armando

    Shoes: modern shoe styles passable as historically correct?

    Do you think it is possible to buy one of those LARGE buckles to modify an existing shoe to look "colonial period"? Does anyone sell those?
  19. Armando

    Best production Tomahawk to modify?

    Nice job! What did you do to the handle to make it look so good? Brass tacks? Finish?
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