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    Just finished my first matchlock

    I just finished my first matchlock. 36 inch long .62 cal smooth bore.
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    My latest hawk

    Here is my latest hawk. I forged it from a piece of 1045 steel.
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    My latest hawk

    Here is my latest hawk. I forged the head from a railroad spike the handle was an old table leg and some copper pipe.[/URL][/img]
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    Made a new hawk today

    The weather was nice and the wife was out today so it was play time. I had this section of barrel from a rifle I cut down for a friend. A little forging My first forge weld I set a chunk of broken file into the blade. More Forging rough ground still a lot of filing, polishing and...
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    Forged my first hawk today

    Here she is my first hawk. I used a railroad spike for the steel. I think on the next one I'll upset the tip more so I can get a wider edge.
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    My file knife

    Here is my latest knife. Its the first on that I have forged. I used an old file I had laying around. She holds a nice edge and will shave hair.
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    More "Canoe Gun" stuff

    All this talk of canoe guns got me thinking. So I took an old 12 gauge trade gun I made years ago. choped it down to 18 inches and antiqued it a bit. Is it pratical? NO, Is it authentic many will say NO. Is it fun to Shoot YES YES YES. I'm working up a load for it to see what the accuracy...
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    A new barrel

    I just finished making this for my next project. She's just over 14 inches, .770 bore 1 3/8 across the flats and flaring to 2 inches at the muzzle. oh it 4140 steel too. Now I need a lock Andy
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    1792 Contract Rifle

    Here are a few photos of a 1792 Contract Rifle I just finished for a friend of mine. It was a TOW Kit but I swapped out the lock for an L&R lock. Andy
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    Possible substute for Pyrite

    I was surfing the net and was wondering if this could be a good substute for pyrite on a wheellock.
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    Three shot gonne

    Here is my latest project. I still need to drill the touch holes and get a tiller. .62 cal Andy
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    Confederate Soda Can Mortar

    Here is a new toy I just finished. A soda Can mortar based on a 12 pound confederate mortar. about 1/2 scale. The tube is machined from 1018 steel. Andy
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    My new .62 flintlock

    I just finished my first flintlock pistol (I sure like this retirment thing). She a plain jane.62 cal with a 10 inch octagon to round getz barrel, and a L&R lock. Gotta pick up some powder then off to the range. Andy
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    Video of some of my Gonnes

    Went to the range today and shot a few videos of some of my gonnes. I really need to make some better match cord but this is all I had today. .62 gonne another .62 gonne 1 inch gonne with 16 .395 balls...
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    Finished up another gonne

    I just finished up another gonne. 8 inch barrel .62 cal with a hand forged match holder attached. The tiller was an old rake handle that I found in the trash. Actions photos to follow. Side View My son posing with it. Close up of the barrel. Andy
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    Flintlock Pistol Cartridge Box?

    Just a thought. Has anybody heard of, or read of paper cartridges like a musket would use being made up for a smooth bore pistol. Just got to thinking that would be an interisting setup but I have never heard of it being done. Andy
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    Sheep Shear Knife

    I just finished a knife made from and old set of Sheep Shears. The shears were coated in rust so I just cut off the blade wire wheeled the rust off and attached a piece of elk antler for a handle. Quick, Easy and sharpened up real nice. The pitting on the blade makes it look like a nice old...
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    Fishing for Ideas

    Ok I picked up this old cylinder the other day for free The bore is 5 inches with a 3/8 inch wall thickness. I know the wall diameter is too thin as is but with a subchamber I'm thinking mortar or something like this. Any suggestions? Andy
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    Betty Lamp

    A little free time :hmm: Find some plans, tin can and snips :) And Volia Andy
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    Fascine Knife

    Ok guys. Here is this week’s project. A Fascine Knife. The knife I made has an 11 inch blade with an overall length of 17 inches the steel came from an old saw mill saw blade and is 1/8 of an inch thick. The handles are made from some walnut left over from an old pistol project and I aged the...
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