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    Early GPR

    Eric, that's a beautiful re-do of an already nice rifle! I've got plenty of Goex here so I think you should just send it to me and I'll get that barrel broke in real good for you! It might take a few years though... :wink: :rotf:
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    TN rifle done

    Critique??? There is nothing to critique!! Beautiful rifle!! My only "critique" is that it's not hanging on my wall!! :bow: :bow: :thumbsup: I love the barrel tang by the way!
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    Help identifying skinning knives

    They look like they're from a maker that sets up down at Friendship every year. He is always located to the right of the main entrance before you get to the sheep sheds. I believe the initials he stamps on his blades are "MC". :idunno: If your father ever went to Friendship, I imagine that's...
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    The ML Gunsmith's #1 No No!

    I don't know why you guys are making such a fuss :idunno: MY history book tells me that vise grips, channel locks and Dremel tools were all invented around 1749..... :wink: That's all the HC/PC reassurance I need! :rotf:
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    Jaeger Rifle pictures.

    I'll give you my address... Send it to me, I'll shoot it for you! :rotf: Nice rifle! I agree with Rifleman, they're made to be shot. Have fun! :hatsoff:
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    Hunting pistol project

    You suppose that would legal in a pistol only match??? :rotf: :youcrazy: :headslap:
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    CCI caps lot B01T -too small

    The same thing happened to our club. We bought a case and several people, including myself, had issues with them being too small. I just took the nipple off my gun and *lightly* chucked it up in my battery drill and filed a little off and it worked great! The way I see it, with the price of caps...
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    Who plinks with .50? Plinking calibers+. Need to pick one fast.

    .45 is just about the best all around caliber IMO. Heavy enough for whitetail and other game and light enough to still shoot relatively flat at longer distances. Also, less lead for more bang for your buck when it comes time for plinking. Just my 2 cents.....good luck! :wink:
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    Very nice pictures!! Thanks for sharing! Even despite the gravity of the event being depicted, it still looks like a lot of fun!
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    What ae you paying

    $15.00/lb for Goex through my ML club.
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    New from Ohio

    Welcome fellow Buckeye! You're right, this is a great place to learn and sometimes, if you're lucky, to teach. Again, welcome and enjoy! :thumbsup:
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    Hardened Balls or Pure Lead?

    Good point, never thought of that.... :bow:
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    Hardened Balls or Pure Lead?

    A .54 would be plenty for hogs. And a shorter barrel will be nice for navigating brush and be a lot lighter to carry as well :thumbsup:
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    Hardened Balls or Pure Lead?

    Pure soft all the way...Hard lead has too many other alloys mixed in and can be rough on rifled barrels. Soft will give you plenty of knockdown power, if not more so than hard lead which will be more likely to pass through.... It's all about kinetic energy :wink: Especially on a RB that size...
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    Advice on Gunbuilder for project

    Don't know if your in a hurry, but Tippy is always set up at Friendship in June. I'm the type that likes to hold it, see it, feel it before I lay down the green.... He's always in the white pole barn across the creek adjacent to the sheep sheds. Good luck!
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    Thomas Jefferson Eagle Horn .. by R.E. Froehlich

    I bow to the master :bow: :bow: Very nice! Favorite one so far!
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    Good all around hunting Smokepole .54 cal or .58 cal?

    A .535 PRB in front of 80-100 grain of 2F will pretty much take care of anything you want to shoot at here in the lower 48 :wink: Good luck! Oh yeah, 100 yards is plenty.....
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    Dry Ball

    I agree with all of the things said here except pulling the breech plug. Under NO circumstances should you de-breech the gun. Depending on the age and condition of the breech threads, you could open yourself up to a whole other set of problems than just a stuck ball...I've never heard of trying...
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    German themed Flat Day Horn

    Very nice Rick!! Thanks for sharing! :bow: :hatsoff:
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    Filling a horn?

    Take an empty rifle casing, enlarge primer hole with a drill,poke a hole in a spare BP cap, insert said rifle casing into cap and walla! Instant filling spout! Worked great for me for years!
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