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  1. ebutch

    One Down, Two To Go!

    Wow great bird! Great to see some turkey posts on here lately.
  2. ebutch

    First Flintlock Iowa Buck

    Congrats Critter! Looks like a dandy! Good looking rifle, which caliber is it?
  3. ebutch

    Old Longrifle finally gets a deer

    Very nice! Congrats!
  4. ebutch

    Merry Christmas to.......

    Merry Christmas to all.
  5. ebutch

    Big ole' busty.....

    Nice shooting Brits! Agreed nothing better then being out in the cold
  6. ebutch

    32 cva squirrel

    Congrats! Any load info?
  7. ebutch

    Squirrel Excursion

    That’s the truth. Had a great time!
  8. ebutch

    Squirrel hunting

    Nice, congratulations. Nice looking rifle as well.
  9. ebutch

    Bismuth Alloy and California Ducks

    Waterfowl and black powder, is there a better combination?! Wish there were more guys that do it. Congratulations
  10. ebutch

    Squirrel Excursion

    Hey! Yes, it was one of his kits that I built. Well worth the price and very simple to put together. I am a very novice gun builder so being my first build, it was easy to follow the directions. Highly recommend one.
  11. ebutch

    Squirrel Excursion

    Thanks Smo, will do. Happy holidays
  12. ebutch

    Squirrel Excursion

    It is in the works, but not for a couple years.
  13. ebutch

    Squirrel Excursion

    Thanks, Mike! This is actually at my girlfriends parents property in NW IL. That patch I was sitting in had some marsh grass and pine trees around it.
  14. ebutch

    Squirrel Excursion

    Friday am, a cooler 26 degree morning, with a slight S wind around 5 mph. Sitting under a walnut tree walnut tree. Been sitting for about 40 mins, when I see the the flicker of a bushy tail. This beautiful grey squirrel climbed right up into a bush and gave me a perfect shot opportunity. I...
  15. ebutch

    58 vs 54?

    Very nice! Thank you.
  16. ebutch

    58 vs 54?

    Is that a kit you built that full hawken stock? Or is that made from scratch? Good looking rifle!
  17. ebutch


    I plan I getting one made by Northwester traders this year... very excited!
  18. ebutch

    South West Deer Hunt chronicles....

    Nice! Can’t wait to hear the rest!
  19. ebutch

    2019 Iowa

    Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing. Good eater I would imagine! Any load info?
  20. ebutch

    Burnt some powder today

    Ben, did you take any pictures of the groups at all?
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