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  1. OldNo7

    Keeping zero after removing barrel with tang sight

    I've had several models of TCs with the TC tang sights installed, and never experienced a significant shift after removing and cleaning the barrels. I would carefully remove the tang from the stock and check it's fit to the barrel. You didn't say if you were off on windage or elevation, but...
  2. OldNo7

    I Took a Beautiful "Cougar" Home Yesterday.........

    I Took a Beautiful "Cougar" Home Yesterday......... Luckily, it wasn't a large feline -- or the female human variety either... ;) But she is rather pretty! I used to have a nice T/C Hawken but sold it off when a shooter at the club made me one of those "can't refuse" offers. I wasn't...
  3. OldNo7

    CLOSED TC No.7194 Hunter Style Tang Mount Peep Sight

    Last time I bought one retail, it too was dusty -- with a $45 price tag on it, but the shop owner made me pay him $75. He wanted more, but I talked him down -- while knowing they were selling "used" on ebay for over $120 at the time. So now, they're selling for even more -- as all the old...
  4. OldNo7

    Civil War Kepi -- for Winter Wear?

    Here's an update on my "Winter Wear" Kepi... I found a German Navy Wool Scarf in blue and used that -- and I needed it, as it was 5 above at sunup and 15 degrees out when we started, warming up to a little over 20 degrees. Here you can see me with the scarf wrapped around the head/ears and...
  5. OldNo7

    Colt 2nd Gen Navy .36

    I'd try to get both... Eventually! But if you can only get one, then the Colt 1861 gets my vote. Love mine. Old No7
  6. OldNo7

    Civil War Kepi -- for Winter Wear?

    Thanks for all the ideas on this! Guaranteed that I'll dress warm enough for when I'm moving out on the trail. You can't beat good 'ol WOOL which my trousers, vest and jacket are made from (with a layer of "period incorrect" polypro underneath for sure). Late in February, after the event is...
  7. OldNo7

    Civil War Kepi -- for Winter Wear?

    Thanks to all for your replies. I've attached this image I found, which shows a piece of cloth tucked under the Kepi in a similar style as the "Beau Geste" Havelock. I think I'll do something like that... I do need to get out and shoot my twin's Zouave much more, but I have to admit that...
  8. OldNo7

    Civil War Kepi -- for Winter Wear?

    I won't be reenacting, per se, but as my twin wants me to run in a "Primitive Biathlon" again this winter, I'll be dressing as a Union First Sergeant and running with him. He typically will dress in French and Indian War style, using one of his many French arms. For me, the Civil War is of...
  9. OldNo7

    Images from $20 "Wifi" 5mm Borescope/Endoscope

    The images below were taken this evening from a $20.00 ebay endoscope; the main difference versus a $14.00 one I got 4 years ago (off ebay), besides the price, being that this one is WiFi and easily connects to your Smart Phone. It has a 90-degree mirror, a small hook to maybe pull something...
  10. OldNo7

    WANTED LeMat Revolver

    PM sent; not mine, but one I saw for sale.. (Don't think I can post the link here..)
  11. OldNo7

    Tulle Fusil de Chasse, albeit Left-Handed

    Nice work brother!!! Those pix look even better than the small ones you texted me. Elle semble bien! Righty (aka Old No7)
  12. OldNo7

    Inexpensive loading tube

    So... * Have you tested what effects the K2EDTA, K3EDTA, Lithium Heparin or Sodium Heparin additives to those tubes will have on your powder? * What about the Clot Activator used in plastic blood tubes? * And what if they give you a Serum Separator gel tube? Heaven forbid they give you a...
  13. OldNo7

    Neat Antler Priming Flask

    Yes, I do need to shoot my JP McCoy flintlock more, but it's still been fun to pick up some neat accessories for it. Awhile back, I got a flashhole pick and brush made from deer antler tines, so I've been looking for other items to match. I just got this small Antler Pricing Flask from TOM A...
  14. OldNo7

    SOLD Small Antler Priming Flask

    WOW, this priming flask is AWESOME! Really well made with brass pins holding the turned wood plug to the anter, and the brass fittings that convert it into a priming flask. I am REALLY pleased with this item from Tom A Hawk. Old No7
  15. OldNo7

    SOLD Small Antler Priming Flask

    Payment mailed 2/7, thank you!
  16. OldNo7

    SOLD Small Antler Priming Flask

    I like it -- I'll take it. I'll send you a PM message. Old No7
  17. OldNo7

    SOLD Flint and Steel Kit - Tinder Box Size 2 Finger Striker

    I'll take it -- I will send you a PM message. Old No7
  18. OldNo7

    Ruger Old Army ratchet design

    I'm no expert but have handled many BP revolvers (mostly replicas), and I can't think of any either. I agree, it is such a simple but significant deviation from what other companies had done (and many still do), it's brilliant. I've never once had a cap jam with my Old Army -- maybe shredded a...
  19. OldNo7

    Colt 1860 Army -- Firing pictures

    My nephew lost his Dad (my BIL) back in May and as he's taken an interest in shooting, I've taken him out several times since then. First with 22s and much time spent on safety and care/maintenance, then with 9mms and Magnums. The other day, he wanted to try his hand at blackpowder with a...
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