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  1. Jamie from Alberta

    New to me TC hawken 50 good story

    I love Hawken rifles. Mine are mostly TC, I really like the solid feel of the walnut stock and octagonal barrel. Congrats with yours. Keep it in the companionship ;).
  2. Jamie from Alberta

    Have You Ever Seen a TC 12 guage?

    Here’s my TC Tree Hawk.
  3. Jamie from Alberta

    Did some chrono testing

    Thx for sharing. Same gun as you but 80grs Goex 2F cast .530 rb and cut patch.
  4. Jamie from Alberta

    Lee R.E.A.L bullet

    I found the 250gr shot better from my TC New Englander .50 cal than the 320’s. My brother plans on using the 250gr REAL in his TC Scout 50 cal this fall. It’s a different twist all together. 1:38 They also worked well seated on OxYoke lubed wad.
  5. Jamie from Alberta

    TVM Woes! :(

    I’d be ticked. I bought used before, didn’t do a full go over inspection and found flaws. But that was on me. Brand new, different story. Manufacturer should step up. Now just recently. A friend bought an older Excalibur xbow(Equinox) thats been outta production for a few yrs. scope broke. I...
  6. Jamie from Alberta

    Pistol deer hunting??????????????

    Although prohibited here in Canada to hunt “anything” with a pistol I would use my Lyman .54 Plains pistol I built from a kit. It’s killed plenty of paper targets.
  7. Jamie from Alberta

    WANTED TC Hawken barrel rib w/screws and thimbles

    Sorry guys. Every reply went straight to”Junk mail”. Didn’t see them till now. Jamie
  8. Jamie from Alberta

    Hello from Manitoba

    Welcome my Canadian brother.
  9. Jamie from Alberta

    WANTED TC Hawken barrel rib w/screws and thimbles

    I'm in Canada but looking for the under barrel rib that supports the thimbles and ram-rod. I'll need the thimbles too. Thanks in advance. Jamie
  10. Jamie from Alberta

    sherwood park fish and game black powder shoot 7th-8th

    Darn it, I'll be travelling back from Saskatchistan on the 8th :(
  11. Jamie from Alberta

    Checking out a Hawken

    Nice groups. Nothing wrong with that at all.
  12. Jamie from Alberta

    What's your favorite sight in target This ^
  13. Jamie from Alberta

    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    Hahaa. “Spam”. The other white meat! Well it is that day and age to please all types I reckon. :p
  14. Jamie from Alberta

    Big Game- Elk, Venison, Bear and such.

    Dang it! Boys are making me hungry
  15. Jamie from Alberta

    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    Save the can of Spam! Slice a 1/2” bologna and fry in skillet and make a good traditional Pow Wow bannock, bologna and cheese sandwich :) Bannock cooked on stick over hot coals is the best way to cook. With butter and Saskatoon berry jam :p
  16. Jamie from Alberta

    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    All this Spam talk is making me hungry. Gonna go crack open that can of Saracha Spam, slice and fry and serve with some scrambled eggs and toast.
  17. Jamie from Alberta

    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    Less sodium than most Ramen noodle soups. Thats a plus ;)
  18. Jamie from Alberta

    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    :D:thumb::thumbs up:
  19. Jamie from Alberta

    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    That video on YouTube is probably the same one I watched. Looks too easy. Will probably try it soon The half can Are brilliant
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