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    PRB for fall black bear

    If your worried about penetration, use a head shot. I've killed several blackies with a bow. Shoot only a double lung , broadside. Never had to trail one yet. %0 or 60 feet max.
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    Problems With An Extremely Tight Bore

    David C, your on to it my friend.
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    Shooting blanks

    For parades years ago I just used a good wad of toilet paper on top of the powder. Regulate the amount of powder by how much noise you wanted. That's where you get white rain though.
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    Problems With An Extremely Tight Bore

    Measure the bore size ,then you know what you have.
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    making bacon

    Fleener, my wife and I put up a lot of bacon. She does the curing " between five and seven days". We cold smoke for almost a day light day . Then when we think it's had enough smoke , I'll light a small propane stove and bring up the inside of the meat temp to the 150 you mentioned. When you...
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    Dutch Schoultz System Question - ball weight

    Mac, I shoot a 32. I like the gun but, it is finicky.A lot to play with here. Ball size, patch thickness and lube, and of coarse powder charge. I shoot Dutch's system with all my rifles.My gun is nothing speacial. An original Dixie.At twenty five yards ,and on a bench ,if your on this day,one...
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hello; I live in central Wisconsin . I am surrounded by Milwaukee trans plants. They're not all that bad .Welcome
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    My gun rack display

    ya, it seems that those same people sometimes are found invovled in a strange fatal accident.
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    Cross Sticks (Stix)

    Most of the shoots I've been to , make you use their sticks. They say that way no one gets an added advantage.Big deal.
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    Powder Measue/Short Starter

    That horn measure that's shown would have you bleeding in nothing flat. For serous use ,can't beat rounded and smoothed edges.Wack it a couple times ,you'll figure it out.
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    Why are or aren't you an NMLRA member?

    Complacency , poor excuse.What if that was the attitude back in the early 1800? Where would we be?
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    Out of commission for a few days

    I will tell you from my goings on . When ramming the ball or slug home, keep your power strokes very short , lest you want to heal your palm or wrist from puncture . The other way around this , is to use a brass rod instead of your beloved wood ramrod. When that fellow decides to let go, he'll...
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    Bear Greese for lube

    I've used it. The only downer was after you carried a while it would turn to oil. Thus, a bugger to carry.Worked good in either form. Just messy.
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    eroded nipple effect on accuracy?

    I will comment here. I'm also a bowhunter of about 40 years.It was mentioned that as a bowhunter, you would have passed on the shot. If, a person maintained that kind of thinking, you'd never loose a deer from a bad hit. Double lung , they don't have much left. The larger the caliber and...
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    The Men that Made America, Frontiersmen

    Minie ball , hit the nail right on the head. No doubt about it.That's how suttle they are with things.
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    Who's getting pumped up?????????

    If a deer could see and hear as good as a turkey, you would never kill one.
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    Just finished my first matchlock

    rifleshooter2 ,very nice. I have one I've been putzzing with on and off for most of the winter. It,s great for using up the time. Us old folks have some of that .
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    Swabbing Barrel Between Shots

    Everybody is different. I use "Dutches method". For the wet patch I wet it good.,and squeeze it dry as I can get it. Down the bore and up. Then an all dry one , down and up.I use this for hunting also.For wetting I use moose milk.Always keep every thing you do , exactly the same.
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    Investarms Hawken .50

    Muamero, I would quickly agree with you. I would say that this has been my finding , "the most accurate load" , is not always the best hunting load. Punching paper is different than gathering a blood trail. I would almost bet that this holds true more often than not.
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    This is a problem I don't understand. When I start shooting it is usually for about 2.5 to 3.5 hours. I'll use a 50 and a 45 about 50 50 . In other words about most of an after noon. The only time I can remember a misfire is when I lost my chain of thought . In other words ,started to bs...
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