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  1. erhunter

    A great friend and part of my heart

    I am also truly sorry for the loss of Dazy. I have had Springer Spaniels all my life, I'm 65, and had to put two down. I believe this is only second to having a true human companion die for whatever reason. I currently have a Springer/Brittany mix that's 11 years old and I know one day the time...
  2. erhunter

    My Flintlock Gun Rack

    I saw a couple of videos where guys cut through the sides of these safes with an angle grinder in about 10 minutes! I don't know what's safe anymore! I'm sorry I got side tracked on the post. Those are very nice looking guns there and the best part is, is that you have your family invoved in the...
  3. erhunter

    What powder

    Same here for Goex FFG for a 54 cal. Lyman Trade.
  4. erhunter

    Price for round balls near you?

    I pay $20 hundred around here. Started casting my own shortly. It's about 1/3 the cost!
  5. erhunter


    I personally thank your son for his service to our country! I am glad he is home safe! Have a good day Rafterob!
  6. erhunter

    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    Thanks for everyone's replies! I just purchased the Lee 4-20 pot, Lee .530 mold, One of the halves is loose though, I was told this is the way they are. I also purchased a Lyman Digital Lead Thermometer but I have to send it back. The thermometer is 5 degrees low(60) at 65, and 7 degrees low...
  7. erhunter

    FOR SALE Obsidian knife

    I have a stupid question as I am not familiar with this type of knife. How do I sharpen this knife when it gets dull? The same way we knap our frizzen flint? By the way that is a beautiful knife!
  8. erhunter

    Lee .530 Round Ball Mold Question

    Thank you Frontier's for your reply! I am glad I don't have to send them back. Stay healthy and shoot straight!
  9. erhunter

    Lee .530 Round Ball Mold Question

    I just received a new Lee .530 double cavity round ball mold and it seems like one half of the molding blocks is loose. Is this the way the mold is supposed to be so it can line up with the other half?
  10. erhunter

    WANTED Paperback copy of Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System

    I purchased the system myself a little while back and his "dry Patch" system works! It shrunk my 70 yard groups to 1 1/2 inches. Thanks for the reply UndeadPoet!
  11. erhunter

    Robert Hoyt Barrels

    Go for Mr. Hoyt, he is second to none! He rebored a Lyman .50 to .54 and it's a shooter! Much better than the 2001 factory barrel. Changed twist from 1:48 to 1:60. Much better for round balls.
  12. erhunter

    Software upgrade coming today or tomorrow

    Thanks for the update Angie! I log on to this site probably 10 times a day!
  13. erhunter

    .54 round ball rifling?

    Go with Bobby Hoyt, you won't be disappointed! I had a Lyman Trade 50 cal. rebored to .540, 1:60 twist, 7 lands, with .011 grooves and it shoots 1 1/2 inch groups at 70 yards. Bobby's your man. As other members said, tell him what ball size and weight you want to use and even maybe a starter...
  14. erhunter

    Another which bullet to cast for TC 1:48 twist question

    If I were you I would shoot a mid-range weight bullet for starters. I have a Lyman Trade Rifle with a 1;48 twist, 28 inch barrel and it wasn't a fast enough twist rate to stabilize them. What did work fairly well were the T/C Maxi-Hunter in I believe a 275 grain bullet. I shot it with 80 grains...
  15. erhunter

    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    Thanks again for all of the replies! I really appreciate them.
  16. erhunter

    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    Thanks for your reply Griz44Mag! I read on a site that if the balls look frosted your lead is to hot, is that true?
  17. erhunter

    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    I was wondering about will the temperature for the lead get to hot with going with the 20 lb. Lee. Will it frost the lead when the lead gets lower in the pot?
  18. erhunter

    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    Thanks for all of your replies! I was thinking of getting the Lyman Mag 25? but the price is up there. Are they worth the $$$?
  19. erhunter

    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    I am looking into casting my own .530 round balls and want some opinions on which melting pot to buy. I will buy a double cavity mould and melter. Any input would be appreciated! I shoot around 1000 balls a year.
  20. erhunter


    If your on paper at 25 yards and shooting maybe 2 inches high, try shooting at 50 yards. If you have a good group you know you can take a shot at 50 yards. Shooting at longer distances, in my opinion, makes me a better shooter. Also try Dutch Shoultz's shooting system, it was one of the best $20...
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