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  1. Stan flanery

    CLOSED Lyman’s Black Powder Handbook and Loading Manual

    Does anyone have the Lyman’s Black Powder Handbook and Loading Manual they woul like to sell? If so, let me know. Thanks, Stan
  2. Stan flanery

    Capandball Cartridge Formers

    Have y’all ordered from these guys? If so, how much cost in U.S. dollars.? When I went to website I was unsure about actual cost. Thanks
  3. Stan flanery

    Italian Manufacturers

    I’m sure this has been discussed previously, but I did not find any post dealing with this subject. Is there any information dealing with when they may start back producing black powder revolvers and rifles? It seems like most retailers are very low or out of stock. I know Italy was hit very...
  4. Stan flanery

    Kentucky Rifle compared to Hawken Rifle

    I have been shooting a Hawken rifle for over 20 years, but lately I have been thinking I would like to buy a Kentucky Rifle. The problem is that I don’t know anyone that has one that I could shoot so that I could decide if I would like it. I would like to have a .50 cal since my Hawken is also...
  5. Stan flanery

    Cleaning Jag for.577 Enfield

    i would appreciate some help on using the right size cleaning jag. I have a .577 enfield, and I bought a cleaning jag for a 1858 enfield. My problem is with a thin wet cotton patch it gets stuck in the barrel when I pull it back out. Have you guys had this problem or what caliber jag should I...
  6. Stan flanery

    Two Feathers, Powder Horn & Possibles Bag

    I would like to tell all Forum readers about one of the craftsman that makes muzzle loading hunting accessories for us. He is known on the forum as Two Feathers. I recently purchased a leather possible bag, and a powder horn from Two Feathers and it arrived today. I can’t say enough about the...
  7. Stan flanery

    Jefferson Arsenal

    i am considering ordering some items from Jefferson Arsenal for my 58 cal enfield. My question is, have any of you parteners ordered anything from the Jefferson Arsenal? I just wanted to check with you guys before ordering. Thanks Stan
  8. Stan flanery

    Musket caps

    I was finally able to purchase an Enfield Rifle and I can’t wait to shoot it. The problem is finding musket caps. Could y’all recommend brand of caps and best place to order from. I’ve never shot musket caps and they are not available near me. Thanks in advance. Respectfully Stan
  9. Stan flanery

    CVA parts

    can anyone tell me where to order hammer spring for my cva double barrel shotgun? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Stan