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  1. McClura

    .54 fullstock Hawken

    Outstanding! That is a beautiful rifle. I really like the contrast of the metal to wood. I always wanted to leave the metal in the white on a rifle but never did. I have a piece of curly ash I building a .62 Cal full stock Hawken on. Hope it turns out that nice. Mike
  2. McClura

    Hunting in California the snti-lead state.o

    There are several places that sell lead free round balls for muzzleloaders. TomBob lead free balls Another link ITX .50 cal non toxic roundball If you are not opposed to using something that's not traditional like sabots, here are lead free sabots Lead Free Sabots- Midwayu
  3. McClura

    WANTED 3 Foot stave of osage orange to make a crossbow

    I will look in my wood shed. I have about 50 good staves and some billets that are matched. I will see if I have any that are singles and with good grain. They will be at least 3-5 years aged, maybe more. I build a lot of billet bows, some with handle sleeves so I get some good 40" billets that...
  4. McClura

    Looking for info on J Chandler Muzzleloader

    My friend found a Percussion Longrifle with "J Chandler Warranted" stamped on the barrel and the lock has what looks like "Henry Parker Warranted" on the lock. 44" barrel, not sure of caliber but heavy barrel, maybe 1" and around .40 cal. He said it have 5 grooves in the barrel. He is going to...
  5. McClura

    Forgot to wash ticking

    I purchase yards of the heavy denim, about .018. I take it home, cut it into strips about 2" wide and as long as the material is wide. I roll it up and place in my shooting box or bag and when shooting, I put a little moose milk on it, load and shoot. Never wash the material. I don't do spit...
  6. McClura

    Some new project photos for approval?

    Two Feathers, when you get a sheath made, shoot me a price for it. I like it, even if you want to sell it without the sheath. I could make a sheath with brass rivets and some leather I have laying around here. Mike
  7. McClura

    .54 Colonial in Cherry off the bench

    Outstanding! What did you use to age the barrel and lock? I really like the finish. I'm working on a full stock Hawken in .62 cal with L&R Hawken lock and would like the finish to be like that. Great finish on the stock also. Back in the 80's I saw a few Cherry Stocks on long rifles that came...
  8. McClura

    Sharps tang sight

    It makes a lot of difference where on the tang or wrist of the rifle the peep site is installed. I installed one on my Hawken but didn't mount on the tang because just setting it on the tang would but my zero at over 100 yds. I moved it down on the wrist and it shoots great at 50 yds. I only use...
  9. McClura

    Trip to The Rifle Shoppe

    :ThankYou: OK, I'm over it. HAH. Glad you had a good trip. The last time I was at that shop was in 1998. That was right before my good friend that built Muzzle Loaders passed away. He and Jesse were great friends and that is who I helped build the two rifles that I mentioned. My friend lived...
  10. McClura

    Trip to The Rifle Shoppe

    Jesse's place is a great shop. Can spend all day there. AND, you were in Wellston, OK and didn't call me and meet for coffee or lunch. :dunno: Probably drove right through the middle of Norman on I35. Jesse has two rifles I helped build after he starting making the parts. A English Snaphaunce...
  11. McClura

    New shotgun - what can you tell me about it's performance from this photo ?

    Looks good to me. Normally you will never see the sparks from the caps in the daylight if you are concentrating on the target. I have two 12 Gauge doubles and I use 80grn 2F, over powder card, wad, over wad card, and my shot measure on the end of a shot bag indicates 1 1/4 oz. and a over shot...
  12. McClura

    Pan flash - from INSIDE the barrel

    GLW, sent you a Private Message. Great video. Mike
  13. McClura

    New from Ok.

    Welcome from Central OK. What part of the Okie state are you from? There are several good Muzzleloading clubs around the central part that have monthly shoots and a few large yearly shoots. One club is near Arcadia, OK at the OKC Gun club and they other is near Tecumseh, OK. You could make a...
  14. McClura

    My wife don't understand me

    I have rendered Bear oil from fat of a nice black bear and most of it is in the refrigerator since 1992 and I have one of those old small baby food jars on my work bench that has been there since 1992, when I rendered the bear fat. I use it for finish on my Osage Selfbows and sometimes on some...
  15. McClura

    SOLD English Trade knife??

    How much for the Beaver Tails? :ghostly: Great looking knife. I really like the neck knife I got from you with the snake skin sheath. I've had to guard it with my life every time I got to a Primitive Archery Gathering. Really like the sheath. On a Beaver Tail note- the guy you told me about that...
  16. McClura

    Lock mechanism failure

    Check "Classic Firearms & Parts LLC- Classic Firearms & Parts LLC
  17. McClura

    Trail-cam pictures.

    A few on the place I have in SW Oklahoma and 80 acres I have to hunt in KS. Flintlock hunting in SW OK and Primitive Archery in KS. Mike
  18. McClura

    .58 ball size

    I use a .570 Rapine mold roundball. Had the mold made about 1995. Don't know who makes molds now. Mike
  19. McClura

    Does anyone produce a matchlock kit?

    The Rifle Shop is a great place to get parts. Jesse that runs the place has done a great job with getting the old guns you see in the catalog and has the parts made then put them in groups for building your rifle of choice. Right after he got started my friend that helped Jesse get started and I...
  20. McClura

    In over my head with mystery rifle?

    Great find and looks like you are doing a great job getting the rifle back in shape for shooting. Nothing wrong with fixing up stuff others didn't take the time to build right. Can't wait to see the results of your restoration. I bet it will be a shooter. I have done a couple that was chopped...