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  1. pooch156

    Barrel Channels.

    How do you cut your barrel channels? All by hand? A jig with a router? Any good tutorials on the subject? Chime in please!
  2. pooch156

    Thinking of building another SMR.

    I already have a SMR in .45 cal and a Tennessee in .40 cal.. Both stocks from Pecatonica. I love the SMR profile and it fits me well. I've really wanted a slim, light SMR in .36 caliber. I find that Pecatonica is always willing to accommodate a buyer with custom requests. So, I'm thinking of...
  3. pooch156

    Brand new .54 cal Green mountain barrel. Disgusting!

    So, as I've posted, I'm building a John Armstrong rifle in .54 caliber. I purchased a new Green Mountain barrel for that project. I polish the bores of all of my rifles including the unmentionables. I started doing that when I began casting and shooting cast bullets. Yes, it makes a difference...
  4. pooch156


    I've used a black magic marker as a substitute for inletting black on three builds and . . . it worked. The problem with that is that it builds up on the part being inletted & hardens and must be cleaned off periodically otherwise you won't get good/accurate transfer. Finally broke down and...
  5. pooch156

    Inletting for a double set trigger.

    Although I have inletted for two double set trigger assemblies on previous builds, it has always been like shooting in the dark for me for getting the trigger assembly in the proper position. Luckilly I got them right. Was thinking that there must be a proper proceedure for doing this. One that...
  6. pooch156

    Sight fabrication.

    Anyone here have experience in making their own sights? Tutorials? Advice?
  7. pooch156


    I placed an order with DGW about a week ago for a MT700 dovetail cutting guide and Dixie Browning solution. I just noticed that they refunded my money. I have ordered from them a number of times over the years without a problem. They did not notify me of the reason for the refund but the order...
  8. pooch156

    Under Rib Installation.

    My mind keeps going back to the thoughts of building a Vincent rifle. The thoughts of installing the under rib is a roadblock for me. Drill & tap the barrel? If so, how deep to drill? Tap size?
  9. pooch156

    Bent Handle Chisels

    I ordered a 4 peice set of Bent Handle Chisels from Woodcraft. Actually called "paring" chisels. Not only will they serve well for my woodworking projects but also be good for cleaning up the three bottom barrel channel flats.
  10. pooch156

    .530 Roundball Mold.

    Been looking for a LEE .530 roundball mold. Most everyone is out of stock. Finally found and ordered one @ Muzzleloader Builders Supply.
  11. pooch156


    I oredered a barrel from Pecatonica. According to Tracking it shipped on Dec. 10. Still a no show. It's been a month. Anyone else having these issues?
  12. pooch156

    Flint leather

    I had always bought my flint leather from Dixie Gunworks. Theirs is tanned buckskin. Not too thick. Recently I ordered some flint leather from TOTW only because I was ordering a number of other things. I recieved the order today. The flint leather was way too thick. I had to open the jaws of my...
  13. pooch156

    Fine rifles.

    I live at the mouth of Western MD. Hagerstown to be exact. Always enjoyed going to the Silverado Gun Shows. There was a gunmaker that would have a table there and I would stop and talk to him. I think he'd been building flinters' his whole life. His rifles were exquisite! Just looking at them...
  14. pooch156

    Old eyes.

    My focal length began changing years ago. I started shooting flintlocks in 2000. Was quick to find the rear sight just a little fuzzy although I was shooting quite well at the time. The issue progressed and I found myself getting progressive lenses. That was a big help! But I also discoved a...
  15. pooch156

    Barrel prices!

    I just ordered a .54 Cal, 15/16" x 42" barrel from Pecatonica. Used to be $160.00. Now they are $175.00! DGW wants $189.00. TOTW is out of stock. I figured I'd order the barrel now. It seems that this particular cal. In 15/16" x 42" is in high demand.
  16. pooch156

    J. Armstrong build.

    I was initially going to build a Vincent in .36 caliber. and . . . I am still planning on it. I just think that I should do more research on the Ohio rifles first. So, I have a set of much admired plans for a J. Armstrong rifle lying before me. It looks like a fun & long term project. I live in...
  17. pooch156

    What style rifle?

    What style/configuration would make a nice, light .36 cal. squirrel gun? Planning on using a 3/4" octagon barrel. Or maybe a swamped barrel. Any input would be appreciated!
  18. pooch156

    Parrot Vise

    I needed a vise that was versatile but wouldn't break the bank. With the parrot vise I can work on a gunstock or do metalwork. Found a parrot vise @ Grizzly Industrial that filled the bill. $62.00 + shipping.
  19. pooch156

    Buttplate Identification.

    I bought this buttplate by mistake maybe 10 years ago. Have no idea what period flintlock it is appropriate for. Who knows, might want to build the rifle! Help!
  20. pooch156

    I needed more light.

    I had cataract surgery about eight years ago with more than positive results. In the sunlight everything was shiny & bright again. So bright that I need sunglasses on a a bright sunny day. Needless to say, I loved the results. But . . . when lighting is dim, things are not so clear. Although I...