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  1. JB67

    Are movie prop revolvers fully functional reproductions?

    I hope she never works a day in Hollywood again!
  2. JB67

    Are movie prop revolvers fully functional reproductions?

    Because they want to go play Cowboy.
  3. JB67

    Are movie prop revolvers fully functional reproductions?

    Yes way. There was live ammo. NBC Today has an update right now (7am Saturday). The Armorer is the daughter of a long-time Hollywood armorer but is new to her role. It appears there was a break in the chain of custody during a pause on the set and neither she nor Baldwin checked the gun, a .45...
  4. JB67

    Traditions kits

    I have done two. I have posted about them here in the forums.
  5. JB67

    Jeremiah Johnson's Knife

    Assuming a grip of about 5.5", that blade looks close to a foot long.
  6. JB67

    ML Shops In Portland Maine Area

    The only possible place I can think of is Kittery Trading Post in Kittery (45 miles south on I-95,) but they are limited to a fre Traditions kits and maybe a couple factory built versions. Cabella's in Scarborough has even less, and seems to be geared more to inline hunters.
  7. JB67

    #32 drill bit

    I simply used a 1/8" bit (0.125) and length of 1/8" wire. A tip I was given for drilling tennons is to drill until you hit the tennon, then pull the barrel. The drill will have left a mark on the tennon, and you can drill the tennon without worrying about breaking the bit inside the stock...
  8. JB67

    Hello From Maine

    Hunter Thompson, a member here, has a FB page called Northeast Muzzleloaders. He posts updates about the two clubs in York and Knox. Nit Wit on here is a member of AO, which is also on the web and has their own (fairly quiet) message boards.
  9. JB67

    Hello From Maine

    Welcome to Maine! I'm in Brunswick, it's a great area. Close to so much. There are a couple of BP shooting groups I know of- Eye of the Hawk out in Knox County, and York County Powder Burners. Both about an hour or so from me. Then there's the Ancient Ones up in the Livermore area, they do a...
  10. JB67

    Photos of the Ancient Ones Of Maine Fall Vous

    Hey, Nit Wit, is that pistol still unfired? 🤡 Weather was great indeed! The site is gorgeous, and the hospitality you all showed made me truly feel among friends! Looking forward to the next one. -Jeff
  11. JB67

    Powder Horns, Lets See Them!

    Not busy at all! Elegantly simple and well done, IMO.
  12. JB67

    Powder Horns, Lets See Them!

    My horn, when I was living in the Hudson Valley. The Fishkill Supply Depot was the Continental Army's supply hub for most of the war. I lived in the area since birth until this spring (53 years 😮) and wanted to pay tribute to this historical site. (A developer wants to build an IHOP and stores...
  13. JB67

    Abenaki of Western Maine 18th Century

    Where are you? There are a few reenactment groups I know of on FB. Downeast Reenactors in Machias, The Troops at Camden, and the Colonial Maine Living History Association. I also know of someone on FB who is Native American descent and does NA at events (Jonathan Yellowbear) I'm in Brunswick...
  14. JB67


    I received notice my order has been picked up by FedEx. I'm getting 1.5F, and I always shoot 2F in my .50cals, but after seeing a chart comparing grain sizes (and them being out of 2F and 3F,) I figured it will work better than nothing!
  15. JB67


    I wouldn't be surprised. I contacted Maine Powder House the morning after the news about GOEX first hit as I live 2 towns away from them, they had 70 orders come in overnight and doubted they had enough to fill them all.
  16. JB67


    I ordered on the 29th. I haven't received a notice of shipment, nor a cancellation notice.
  17. JB67

    SOLD CVA St. Louis Hawken, Percussion, with .50 and .54 Barrels

    Just want to extend fraternal greetings, Brother!
  18. JB67

    FOR SALE knives for sale

    There's a set of rules and policies for the forum, in place for good reason. Zonie held everyone to them, but he's gone now, so until someone can step up and monitor the boards like he did, we all need to help out, otherwise this place is going to go south real fast.
  19. JB67

    Interesting detail on vintage half stock

    I wish it was mine. Only the lock is marked.
  20. JB67

    Interesting detail on vintage half stock

    I was looking at half stock rifles for inspiration and came across this rather plain Massachusetts gun from around 1840-50. Does anyone else notice the fore does not have a cap, but rather has the distinct appearance of a whale's head? (It also has a wood rib, common on early New England half...