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  1. Cobra6

    Change of credit card

    Each month the MLF takes $2.99 as payment for membership. The card on file has changed as it was getting old and unusable. What do I need to do to continue with your service, the new card has a different number? Cobra 6
  2. Cobra6

    FOR SALE Thompson Center 50 cal barrel with rod and front and rear sights

    This is a second listing today which is very similar to the one posted earlier. They are two separate listings. I am selling a TC that is 28-7/8 inches in length. The ML is 15/16 across the flats and is a 1:48 twist. In my opinion the barrel is in good condition. The rifling appears crisp...
  3. Cobra6

    SOLD Thompson Center 50 Cal ML barrel, sights and rod.

    I am trying to lean out my collection of ML barrels. The barrel I am selling is 28-7/8 inches long with a 1:48 inch twist. It is 15/16 across the flats. Note the barrel. I do not believe this barrel has ever been fired. There are some [very] minor abrasions due to whatever. I am...
  4. Cobra6

    Lots of advertisement/ads (pop ups)

    I'm getting lots of advertisements/ads (pop ups) around the periphery of the Forums posting sites and thread sites. They are annoying and it appears that they are from Google. When TMF changed some formatting or provided some enhancements, that is when the pop-ups started. Any...
  5. Cobra6

    CLOSED Rear sight for T/C Hawken, 15/16th barrel.

    Wanted: a reasonably priced 15/16th rear sight for a T/C Hawken. Mounting holes are 1.5 inches center to center?
  6. Cobra6

    SOLD Selling a 15/16 tang off a T/C 45 Cal Hawken.

    Selling a nice blued tang for a 15/16, T/C 45 Cal Hawken. I would consider trade on a good rear sight for a 50 cal Hawken 15/16. Tang is $35.00 good to excellent condition. Cobra 6
  7. Cobra6

    Thompson Center Cal 50 Kit barrels versus Thompson Center Hawken non-kit barrels.

    Does anyone know if there is a quality difference between TC muzzle loading barrels (50 Cal) sold as a kit compared to a regular TC (non-kit) when sold as part of the rifle. I have a chance to buy a barrel with the following inscription "Thompson/Center Arms, Rochester New Hampshire Cal 50."...
  8. Cobra6

    WANTED Wanted .550 round ball mould for 56 Cal SB

    Does anyone out there have a .550 dia round bullet mold for sale? Need one for my 56 Cal SB Hawken. Thanks
  9. Cobra6

    CLOSED 45 Cal Hawken barrel or barrel that will fit into a 15/16" Hawken stock.

    Wanted a Hawken 45 Cal barrel or barrel that fits a Hawken 15/16" stock.