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  1. Bob McBride

    First inlay attempt......

    I’d leave it as is as it’s no worse than many inlays of the period but for what it’s worth consider taking 4x the time you took on that one on the next. It’s not so much skill (though that is the end result) but taking your time on inlays can result in the same result as a skilled inlayer taking...
  2. Bob McBride

    The .62 is blooded

    Nothing better than that. Cheers.
  3. Bob McBride

    Newbie from NC

    Welcome cousin.
  4. Bob McBride

    Need help with 2F or 3F in a .32 cal rifle

    I’ve never seen a .32 that shot better with 2f than with 3f but I’ve seen many a .32 that shot as well, or very nearly as well, with 2f….. I hope, but doubt, that helps.
  5. Bob McBride

    Convince me not to buy this 1860 old silver army

    I would never convince a man not to buy a gun. I might convince him not to shoot it, in the case of an Indian wall hanger, but I’d never convince him not to buy…..
  6. Bob McBride

    Hello from west Georgia

    Welcome Giawgia.
  7. Bob McBride

    Powder Horns, Lets See Them!

    They were rare, and they were often more bronze than pure brass, and they were done, as today, for the novelty.
  8. Bob McBride

    Powder Horns, Lets See Them!

    It’s being prepared to go into a new build. I don’t think it was ever installed in a gun. c1820
  9. Bob McBride

    Powder Horns, Lets See Them!

    it’s a mint original script Ketland lock. I’ll post a close up in a few when I go back to the shop.
  10. Bob McBride

    Powder Horns, Lets See Them!

    A couple of John Proud's I picked up this year.
  11. Bob McBride

    First Flintlock Squirrel

    Exactly. 👍🏻
  12. Bob McBride

    Use of the hunting sword

    Yes sir. That’s how we did it in Texas back when, and I expect that is exactly how it was done in the period. The why is simply to dispatch them expeditiously and carry on with your day.
  13. Bob McBride

    Love the barrel hate the sights

    Solder a piece of German silver or brass plate on top of your front sight and file it flush. Taller sight and a bead all in one.
  14. Bob McBride

    First Flintlock Squirrel

    You won’t find one on a shelf but any of the custom barrel guys can make em. Cost is comparable to a good factory barrel. I have a .25 and .29 barrel going on a couple guns as we speak. FFI barrels is who makes a lot of my custom stuff but Hoyt or any of the guys can do it.
  15. Bob McBride

    How useful is toeplate?

    I’ve seen many original toe plated guns with cracked stocks at the toe and many well used and worn old original simple mountain rifles that never had so much as a buttplate come through solid as a rock. So, I suppose the answer is ‘yes’.
  16. Bob McBride

    Howdy from the Show Me State

    Welcome. That’s some handle.
  17. Bob McBride

    1F in Muskets?

    Sure you can. A bit less kick and velocity and a bit dirtier overall but otherwise you can certainly work up a good load with 1f. I like it with some of my 12bores just to tame them a bit. Give her a try and let us know how it works out. Something like 70g +/- 10g should put you at the same...
  18. Bob McBride

    Another Young'n

    Welcome. Lots of good info here to get you going. 👍🏻
  19. Bob McBride

    What is it with curved buttstocks?

    I love the southern 3.5”ish drop at the heel 1/8” castoff crescent buttplate guns but am not interested in shooting one above about .47 cal as the folks in the south 1820-1845 weren’t. The stance these guns require is very stable for the offhand shooting style they most often used in the region...