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  1. The Crisco Kid

    Jeremiah Johnson's Knife

    Liver Eatin' Johnson's knife is in the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody, Wyoming. The museum should be on everyone's bucket list.
  2. The Crisco Kid

    Blacken front sight with soot?

    If you're working on load development or bench resting or so on get some black Gorilla tape and make a sight hood for both front and rear sights. It won't look good at a rendezvous but it works great when nobody's looking.
  3. The Crisco Kid

    Staining and Finishing Time

    In my experience it's best to let the linseed oil dry for up to a month, depending on the tempurature and humidity. You can use any kind of the wipe on poly or spar varnish or whatever you can get. The trick is in the method. The thinner the better, up to a point of course. Naptha is very good...
  4. The Crisco Kid

    Templates of Rifles

    Draw it out on a piece of butcher paper. Once you get the drop and other dimensions figured out by handling other guns you should be able to do an accurate full scale drawing. I've mentioned before that I was told long ago that if I couldn't draw it right I'd better do more homework or I'd end...
  5. The Crisco Kid

    where do you buy your *original* cap-and-ball revolvers?

    Antique gun shows, if there are any nearby. Covid shut most down but they are coming back. I'd be very hesitant about buying anything listed as original on line unless it's from a reputable auction house.
  6. The Crisco Kid

    Hunting in California the snti-lead state.o

    That would be an interesting experiment to conduct. Almost worth packing a test kit in my possibles bag. Too bad the chances of my doing any more deer hunting are slim. Maybe someone can run with the idea and report back to us.
  7. The Crisco Kid

    Hunting in California the snti-lead state.o

    I don't know but I suspect that those are for detecting lead in drinking water. Detecting lead in an animal carcass would be something entirely different.
  8. The Crisco Kid

    Anyone have a chart of powder volume by caliber, when pouring powder over ball into hand?

    It may have been blind luck but I covered a 40 cal ball in my hand with 3F and it was 40 grains measured, not weighed.
  9. The Crisco Kid

    Would a cal 44 remington 1858 do the job?

    Lots of inexperience in the comments. Noise from a gunshot won't stop a charging bear. The only sure place to put a bullet is up through the nose since that leads to the brain. See the photo. A shot to the spine will stop it, if you can put it there. A pistol will help a person feel more secure...
  10. The Crisco Kid

    Tried a “poured” pewter nose cap!

    I've poured a couple of nose caps using the 95/5 solder. It's 95% tin with 5% antimony added for hardness. It makes a nice shiny nose cap and is available in any hardware store. It's for sure not traditional and I don't know how the melting point compares with pewter. I didn't have any charing...
  11. The Crisco Kid

    Tried a “poured” pewter nose cap!

    Nice job! Where did you get the pewter?
  12. The Crisco Kid

    Historian Shelby Foote

    I've read his Time magazine series that I bought into quite a few years ago. I read it twice before I sold the 12 or 14 volumes. My ancestors were in Oregon during the war so I suppose that makes me a Yankee. If I'd have been alive then and known what I know now I would have at least been a...
  13. The Crisco Kid

    Buying a kibler colonial. 54 or 58?

    You can't argue with success! Sounds like the 58 is the way to go. Bottom line is there's probably no way you could make the wrong choice since both are excellent.
  14. The Crisco Kid

    Got lucky!

    How well, or poorly, does 1F work in a 20 gauge smoothbore with shot? I have the 20 gauge but don't have a cannon.
  15. The Crisco Kid

    I have grown weary.

    As I've mentioned before, the idea behind the muzzle loader hunting seasons was to see if we could emulate our ancestors with the resources they had. They had iron sights, wood stocks, round balls and black powder. That worked fine until the "systems analyists" showed up and figured out how they...
  16. The Crisco Kid

    Adding a rear sight to smoothbore

    If the tang screw happens to be high enough like mine is it can be indexed to the bore line and the slot becomes a rear sight. It's a bit fuzzy but it works and is within the rules.
  17. The Crisco Kid


    Nice story and nice photos. I guess there is still hope for America as long as there are young guys like you around. My Grandfather hopped a train headed west out of the Clearfield area in the late 1800's and never went back. I guess he liked the hills of Oregon better. I've always wanted to...
  18. The Crisco Kid

    Do I NEED a Fowler or Fusil?

    That's only if the dying man had never shopped at Harbor Freight or Walmart!
  19. The Crisco Kid

    DUDE, SMOKED HIM!!!???

    What I finally figured out about those hunting videos is that those yahoos have to make those mile long shots on deer or elk because they can't stalk any closer what with all that loud and obnoxious "music" they play. I should add that since I don't have TV I only watch those videos when I'm a...
  20. The Crisco Kid

    Bullet Lube Recipes

    Now there's a man with good sense! No reason to add anything to it. It would be like adding soda pop to top shelf bourbon.