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  1. erhunter

    Lee .530 Round Ball Mold Question

    I just received a new Lee .530 double cavity round ball mold and it seems like one half of the molding blocks is loose. Is this the way the mold is supposed to be so it can line up with the other half?
  2. erhunter

    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    I am looking into casting my own .530 round balls and want some opinions on which melting pot to buy. I will buy a double cavity mould and melter. Any input would be appreciated! I shoot around 1000 balls a year.
  3. erhunter

    WITHDRAWN Paperback copy of Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System

    Angie please update this item. Thank you and have a great day!
  4. erhunter

    Butch's Bore Shine

    Anybody use Butch's Bore Shine as a patch lube or to wipe your barrel between shots at the range? Your opinions are greatly appreciated. I am also going to try Dutch's Moose Milk.
  5. erhunter

    WANTED Paperback copy of Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System

    Does anyone want to sell their paperback version of Dutch Shoultz's Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System? I see on Ebay they have his ebook version but I'm an old fashioned guy that just likes a paperback that I can hold and take to the range.
  6. erhunter


    For sale is 2 packages (200 total) Ox-Yoke patches with 1000 PLUS lube. They are .020 thick, unopened packages. Price is $8.99 plus shipping for both packages.
  7. erhunter

    FOR SALE Ox-Yoke originals Wonder Patches 1000 Plus Lube

    For sale is 100 .50-.59 Cal. .020 thick. The Ox-Yoke part number is #5205. This is an unopened package. Price is $6.00 plus shipping.
  8. erhunter

    SOLD 13 French Amber Flints

    This item is sold.
  9. erhunter

    FOR SALE French Amber Flints

    For sale are 13 amber flints 3/4x7/8 that are new, unused from Stonewall Creek Outfitters. One of the flints is double-edged. All of theses flints are in excellent condition with flat tops and bottoms, no big humps! I am selling these because I no longer have the rock lock that takes this size...
  10. erhunter

    SOLD T/C Maxi Hunter 50 caliber bullets

    This item is sold..
  11. erhunter

    SOLD T/C Maxi Hunter 50 caliber bullets

    New, unopened box of T/C Maxi-Hunter 50 caliber bullets. There are 20, 275 grain bullets in the pack. Item #17007885 from T/C. $20 including shipping.
  12. erhunter

    L&R replacement lock

    I was wondering if anyone has replaced their original Lyman Trade Rifle flint lock with an L&R RPL-03-F flint lock? Is it worth the $185 to go from the coil spring to the leaf spring for more spark?
  13. erhunter

    changing username

    Hi Angie! I would like my username to be changed to erhunter. Also under my username it has .32 caliber. Could we change that to .54 caliber?
  14. erhunter

    Re-boring Lyman Trade Rifle Barrel

    I am looking for information on Bobby Hoyt"s gun shop. I have his address and phone number but I can't get a hold of him for what he charges for re-boring from a 50 to 54 cal. and changing the rate of twist and groove depth. How do I send my barrel to him? Thanks for any response!
  15. erhunter

    L&R RPL replacement locks

    I am thinking of upgrading my original Lyman Trade Rifle's coil spring lock with an L&R RPL Lock for flint, Model #05. Will this RPL fit my rifle and is the $190 for the L&R worth it?
  16. erhunter

    warped stock and barrel inletting

    I purchased a Chambers York kit in July and am just going to start the project. I taped a broomstick handle in the barrel channel to control warping, but it warped somewhat anyway! How do I inlet a barrel when there is warpage in the barrel channel?
  17. erhunter

    Lyman lock coil spring

    How do I remove the coil spring and reinstall it? I want to smooth some of the surfaces of the trigger parts for a better working lock.
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