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  1. Frontier's

    WANTED Muzzleloader magazine back issues

    i have 73 of them ranging throughout the earlier years.
  2. Frontier's

    Chilled Lead Shot

    No, its hard lead.
  3. Frontier's

    Sighting in my friends Hawken

    P is = to 3fg and is safe for rifles.
  4. Frontier's

    Bullet trap/backstop

    I use a double layer of stacked tires. I use both 4ply and 10 ply. No they don't bounce back :D :D :D The second layer of tires usually catches the round balls and conicals. They either sit inside the tires or drop down in the middle, in the dirt where i can easily pick them up. And while...
  5. Frontier's

    Sighting in my friends Hawken

    How fouling reacts in one gun to the next, is never a known. My traditions rifles ( all 4 of them ) the bores are pristine. I know what loads they like, what patch, what ball combo, etc. I've owned some TC's where 2 shots and you were DONE shooting unless you cleaned the bore. Now I have even...
  6. Frontier's

    FOR SALE Needed: Elk hide scrap

    Hoping someone has some extra cut off! I have a pair of elk hide pants and they fit like a pair of pants a dude should NOT be wearing. I need to bust the stitches and add at least 2" width to each leg and make some room for the .... boys... Does anyone have some scraps? I'll need at least 2...
  7. Frontier's

    dear loads

    80gr 2fg, .018-.020" patch and a .490 round ball. Sweetest load in every CVA / Tradions I've owned.
  8. Frontier's

    Which Lee Melting Pot To Buy

    i personally would stay away from the bottom pour stuff, They always clog up, even while you are casting. I use a 10lb Lyman big dipper furnace and a simple ladle to pour my lead.
  9. Frontier's

    Price for round balls near you?

    For those of you that buy your round balls, what are you paying? Local big r wants $20 per 100 for .490 to .530 round balls.
  10. Frontier's

    Making Pre-Cut Patches?

    only thing i read was basically the dutch method way of lubing patches. No mention of square or round or smaller or larger diameter patches. In truth, none of that really matters. I've done 2" squares for my 50 and it shot just as well as "normal" size round patches. Pre-cut VS cut at the muzzle...
  11. Frontier's

    WANTED wtb wads and wrench for .44 1858 Rem

    I have 16 bags of wads available. Price is $9 per 100. Includes shipping.
  12. Frontier's

    Lee .530 Round Ball Mold Question

    Yes they have a little looseness and when closed, line up perfectly on the pins.
  13. Frontier's

    Easy to Make Target Board

    a little paracord and a sand bag would keep her anchored down nicely.
  14. Frontier's

    Dutch Schultz' Accuracy Method

    2 grains difference wont show up with black powder. Smokeless, yes. But not black ;)
  15. Frontier's

    Sighting in my friends Hawken

    Lol sorry i just get so many cartoon responses about tires, iy just gets under the skin after a while. While they are new tires, they ended up being 17 uears old and full of cracks.
  16. Frontier's

    Sighting in my friends Hawken

    60gr swiss load was the most accurate load for swiss powder. Anything more or less, swiss wouldnt group worth a hoot. LOL you guys and the tires are really getting on my nerves already. I swear, some folks are reacting like im shooting in heavy duty tractor trailer tires or huge coal mine dump...
  17. Frontier's

    Free From Your Local Roofer

    very nice! I've been going down to the local scrap yard and buying it for a buck a pound. No roofers in this area seem to run into this kind of stuff. Last trip I picked up 144lbs.
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