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    Shiloh sharps

    I ordered a barrel liner on 12/28. Order was confirmed. Have tried to contact customer service several times to check on progress. Sent email, receiving no response. I have not been able to get anyone to pick up the phone. Is Shiloh sharps closed for the holidays?
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    TRADE Dance Brothers revolver

    I have a Uberti Walker Colt revolver (excellent condition) that I would like to trade for a Dance Brothers revolver.
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    SOLD Buffalo hide wanted

    I’m looking for a buffalo hide. Preferably tanned. Let me know what you’ll trade for...
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    Need help finding book

    Several years ago I read a historical novel about the F&I war. I can't remember the title or author. There was a chart in the book that listed how the native Americans labeled scalps taken. Different colors and markings on leather attached to the scalp. Examples would be a certain marking would...
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    Renegade barrel question

    I have an early production TC Renegade .54 percussion. Will a .58 barrel from a TC Big Boar fit? Other than caliber, is there any difference between a Renegade and Big Boar?
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    Stuck cleaning brush

    I was cleaning the channel at the bottom of my GPR flintlock barrel and got a .22 cleaning brush stuck. The brush unscrewed from the cleaning rod. I have tried air, a small powder charge and screwing the rod back onto the brush. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the brush?
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    Trammel's trace

    The rendezvous scheduled for the Veterans Day weekend in Jefferson, Texas has been cancelled. I spoke with Diamond Don, he said it has been rescheduled for the Civil War event in May 2012.
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    Belt and Buckle

    I have a wide belt blank and round forged buckle. What method of dying the belt, and decoration on it is appropriate for the fuur trade period? Thanks.
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    Jefferson, Texas

    Anyone plan to attend this weekend in Jefferson, TX? Trammel's Trace Rendesvous. Fri-Sunday, this is the 2nd event held here. Pre-1840s.
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    BP Range Cart Plans

    I was watching an Outdoor Channel show on BP. Saw a few shooters using carts to move guns and shooting supplies around the range. I am looking for plans to build a cart like this....thinking about a two wheeled dolly with shooting box and rack for 3-4 rifles. Any ideas are appreciated.
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    Hog hide ideas

    I am tanning a wild hog hide with hair on. Color is brown w/black spots. I would appreciate any ideas for making bags, pouches, etc. or any other accessories from the hide.
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    Two "new" rifles

    I bought 2 rifles from a local pawn shop. TC Renegade .50 percussion: previous owner added sling swivel/stud and Pachmyar recoil pad. What are the source/dimensions of an original butt plate/length of stock from rear of tang to butt? I don't know if stock has been cut down any. Other gun is CVA...
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    Caplock Muzzleloading Rifle

    Christmas came early this year.....I just received my copy of The Caplock Muzzleloading Rifle. Ned Roberts' thoughts and advice on muzzleloaders is still great information for all shooters. I was suprised to see in my 1947 edition that the government was making it difficult for blackpowder...
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    Terry C. Johnston

    I wanted to know if anyone else enjoyed the late Mr. Johnston's series about the mountain men. I finally finished the last book in the series, the "Scratch" books always seem to read well in the deer stand.
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    Lyman GPR sights

    I received my GPR peep/hooded front sight from TOTW. Specified that these were for a GPR, unfortunately the front sight dovetail is too big for my barrel. I was wondering if this was just a mistake in shipping, or has this happened to anyone else. I plan to return the sights on Monday.
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    Bobcat replacement stock

    Does anyone know which wooden stocks will fit a CVA Bobcat? I plan to make something more "traditional" from the Bobcat for my son to shoot.
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    GPR front sight

    I like my .50 GPR, except for the front sight. Too thick and covers up target at distance. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better front sight, vendors that have them? Thanks.
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    Browning help for GPR

    I browned my GPR with Birchwood Casey Plum brown, but am not happy with the finished gun. I have just received Laurel Mtn. Forge browning solution. Do I need to take the metal on the furniture and barrel all the way down to the white? I appreciate any help and advice. Thanks again.
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    The Broken Chain

    Does anyone have a copy of the TNT movie- The Broken Chain? It was a F&I movie out a few years ago. I can't find a copy, would like to see it again.
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    GPR questions

    Shot my new GPR again today, pretty fair accuracy with 70gr 3F. I have been having a little trouble with ignition though-seems like the hammer strikes the nipple too high, also if the set trigger doesn't always cause the cap to fire. Second attempt to fire or use the front trigger alone will...
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