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    Pigs Trotters (also Sheeps Feet)

    One more for the excess Pig bits recipes of old. Reasonably popular in France and Germany to my knowledge. Usually served as the cooked feet. Pigs trotters were a food of the poor. Sheeps feet for the very poor.

    Black Pudding

    Whilst on the subject of ancient recipes using all of the excess bits of a pig here is the recipe to make your own Black Pudding. The finest breakfast invention since breakfast. Not soft and squidgy like a boudin noir but firm and sliceable into rounds. A greasy spoon in Stockport used to have...


    How to make proper faggots. Delicious with gravy, mushy peas and potatoes in your preferred form. Faggots have been around since Pontius was a pilot. I bring them back frozen when I visit Blighty to count my children.

    Identify Bess Lock

    Just acquired this lock. Does anyone recognise who made it? Probably late 20th century. It seems in good order.

    New Matchlock Lock

    Just for public interest here is my new lock. Intended for a James II or William III military musket. Apologies for the quality. My camera is playing up and has to be banged on the desk to make it submit.

    1760 Using Shot

    Two excerpts from 'The Compleat Sportsman' of Thomas Fairfax Esq.of 1760. Published in London 1760 and shamelessly copied thereafter. They cover many issues I have seen discussed here but as actually done in the 18th century. I would imagine that Thomas Fairfax learned his practices about...

    Military Musket Range

    I was reading 'Stirring Incidents in the Life of a British Soldier' by Thomas Faughnan who served under the colours for 21 years to 1868. In this he notes his first introduction to musketry was at the depot in initial training with the Brown Bess musket. His regiment the 17th of Foot (in whose...

    Period black powder cleaning

    I came across an old post I had made elsewhere. I thought that I would repeat it here just as an antidote to the surgical cleansing regime beloved by some posters here. Not muzzleloading, so strictly OT, but is a real period practice for cleaning black powder military rifles. ____ I couldn't...

    First American Musket

    It seems quite late to me but from 'The Engineer' of 1866 I quote: 'The first muskets in America were made in Massachusetts in 1748 by Hugh Orr, a native of Renfrewshire' Does anyone know more?

    Firing Round Balls Into Water

    For those who wonder what happens when one fires a round ball into water here is a translation of the 1705 work by Monsieur Carre in the 1822 British Indian Repository on page 86 and Plate II at the end...

    World's Largest PRB?

    In the Turkish fortress of Brailow following the Russian invasion in 1829 the Turkish gunners solved their problem of undersized shot for their smoothbore cannon by wrapping the cannon balls in sheepskin. Any other contenders? (Yes I know that they are cannon but the subject is PRB which...

    Flintlock hangfire

    I have just been kindly given a flintlock pistol so that I can keep shooting until the 7" incision in my belly seals up following an operation. The pistol's origins are uncertain but it appears to me to be an old cheap Spanish percussion one which has had the drum replaced by a screw in touch...

    Long gun and Pistol Locks

    Maybe someone can enlighten me on this? A firelock has the same task in all guns. To project fire into a touch hole. Whether by match, flint or cap. If a small pistol lock will poke fire down the hole why are long gun locks larger? I separate out military locks as they have to assume that...

    Prone long rifle

    The bent stock and crescent buttplate of these rifles are well suited to offhand shooting but how adaptable are they to being fired prone? MLAIC competitions, in different classes, involve prone in some and offhand in others. I was thinking of building one gun for all classes and the .32...

    David Miller Thesis 17th Century Muskets

    Priming before/after loading

    Now please be gentle with me. I know very well that the invariable advice is that nowadays we prime after loading. I got to thinking (always dangerous) and I could not find a reason why this is so. Now burning embers from the previous shot are often given as the reason. However, surely the...

    MLAIC Miquelet choice

    I am considering moving historically backwards and moving from my rifle musket to a smooth bore military reproduction for the Miquelet disclipline for MLAIC target shooting. This requires a military type smoothbore with no rear sight. It will probably have to be an Indian replica and I will be...

    Baby Wipes

    Something I have not seen mentioned is using baby wipes (the wet things in plastic bags/boxes for cleaning babies bottoms when changing nappies) as cleaning cloths. Ready made cheap damp cleaning patches. One opened out goes down my bore a treat and comes out with most of the fouling. You...

    Honing Rifled Bore Smooth

    I know that honing has been mentioned in the past but I have a specific request for advice. I have a flintlock pistol with wide very shallow grooves. I want to have a pistol I can use in smooth bore flintlock competitions. Oh, and I don't have much money to spend. Could I invest in a brake...

    Enfield Paper Cartridge bullet

    I have just won a cheap Italian Remington 1863 rifle musket on an auction. I want to fire it using enfield style paper cartridges. However, all the 'minie' bullet moulds I have seen are about 0.575" for loading naked. The originals were 0.568" or 0.55" as the lubricant soaked paper took up the...
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