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  1. Johnny Tremain

    Western Washington Capitol City

    Hi all Does any one here shoot the monthly Capitol City black powder shoots in Littlerock? Im goning to start on Nov 1th and was wondering if the dress is period or modern? Also if any one Know Coffee Pot, can I get his phone number PMed to me, or Mine to him. Thanks JT
  2. Johnny Tremain

    Pickering Tool

    I just got my order from ToTW and let me tell you their Pickering tool (small) fits my Chambers Late ketland lock, like it was made for it. If any of you are looking for a good flinter combo tool, check this out. I wasnt a big fan of ToTW, but thier cheap postage and quality stuff, has made me...
  3. Johnny Tremain

    Yard Sale Find

    Check out this poor 70s CVA 45cal PA rifle. Anyone have any old parts for these? As you can see (barely) I have the barrel, two piece stock and trigger and guard. So Im looking for a Perc lock, maybe a butt plate. Everything Else I can make. PM me if you have anything kicking around. Thanks
  4. Johnny Tremain

    Rev war powder horn

    Well gang, I either got a real good deal, or got bambooseled by E-Bay. I saw this powder horn on E-Bay, and saw two others in auction houses. The ones in the auction houses were going for over 3 grand each. I paid under 1oo bucks for this one. Deal or No deal?
  5. Johnny Tremain

    Sending folk away

    Ive invited several gals to join the cooking area. It seems when they come to the forum, "We are sorry, but this area is currently closed and no new subscrptions purchases are being accepted" So they left.
  6. Johnny Tremain

    Driving a Pig

    My wife, being from a country that drives on the other side of the road, found that driving the roast pig at this rondy, wasnt that hard!
  7. Johnny Tremain

    Bent screw

    Talked to Barbie at Jim Chambers today. I told her when I got my Late Ketland, the jaw screw was bent. She told me its common in flintlocks that are dry fired without rocks in them. My new screw is on the way. Thought you might want to know this, if you come across it at an event, or in the...
  8. Johnny Tremain

    Paul Bunyon Shoots

    Amy of you how are from the Paul bunyon club in Puallup WA. Please pass this on. Last weekend my bud's wife went to thier Woman's Primitive event. She brought her father-in-laws 45 cal cap gun. (he is my good friend). I'd check the firearm out 2 weeks before, cleaned it, shot it and...
  9. Johnny Tremain

    Virginia John Sheetz School

    My working man's flinter. All steel, took me less than two months to make. Gonna take a life time to shoot
  10. Johnny Tremain

    Done, done it

    Despite my operation last ffriday which about took out the use of my right arm at the elbow. (last year I took out my left one) I started on my last rifle. Sure felt good to be widdling away at some wood again. Im looking for the formula for the pewty gray metal finsh Ive seen on a few rifles...
  11. Johnny Tremain

    Last weekend

    Id just like to thank whom ever posted the Pacific Northwest shedule. When up to Monroe last weekend, had the best time Ive had in months. It lifted my spirits :-D
  12. Johnny Tremain


    Rev War Contract muskets tended to be .69 or .75 cal. .75, 3/4 or an inch!
  13. Johnny Tremain

    Someone getting rid of some parts
  14. Johnny Tremain

    Anyone know?

    Anyone know how to contact Tony Hunter? At one time he was historical editor for Muzzleloader mag, Ive sent them e-mails, but no reply. Thanks
  15. Johnny Tremain


    Im gonna throw this here, if you don think it belongs move it. You all may have seen this, and I'm usually way behind the times. On PBS to night they had a 2 hours show :The war that made America" All about F&I time period. Hoepfully factual, very informitive. YOu all might want to see it...
  16. Johnny Tremain

    now i know

    Thanks guys, was surfing and saw this. Ive always liked the look of this over the Bess. Just couldnt believe the price. Now I know. Thanks for the imput Johnny T
  17. Johnny Tremain

    shootable or deathtrap?

    Found this line of muskets. shootable or wall hanger? [url][/url]
  18. Johnny Tremain

    Local Smith

    Any of you out there, know of anyone who can help me get a few things done on my rifle in the next month or two. Im between Seattle and Portland OR I want to get this rifle ready for the up and coming rondy season. I blew out me arm last month, and have fallen way behind. Please PM me, thanks
  19. Johnny Tremain

    Post deleted by Claude

    Cool looking blunder buss, wheres the triggers?
  20. Johnny Tremain

    No PC roundball, but highly effective

    If you dont want to increase your range or tighten up your groupings, dont read this, it aint period correct! In fact Id say it is boader line cheating! My good bud's wife is one of the top female shooters in our area. Them glas are fearse compeditors. Seems after they cast a few 1000...