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  1. Zonie

    Zonie's condition.

    Yup. Go easy with that crap though. Heavy drinking in my 40's and 50's is what got me into this pickle.
  2. Zonie

    Zonie's condition.

    A number of you have asked about why I haven't been on the forum much lately. The reason is because my heart and liver are acting up. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital finding the infection that's causing it. They seem to be on the right track and they are messing around with my drugs. I am...
  3. Zonie

    Had unknown to me good look'n woman all over me at the range yesterday

    This thread has very little to do with black powder handguns and a lot to do with women si I;m closing it.
  4. Zonie

    The Ruger New/ Old Army

    While discussing forign laws is interesting IMO it really has almost no place in this thread. This thread for those who forgot is about the Ruger Old Army pistol. Please keep your remarks everyone, on topic.
  5. Zonie

    shoulder stock

    The Remington and Colt were sum times supplied with a detachable shoulder stock. They are a historic part of the gun so they are allowed almost everywhere in modern times.
  6. Zonie

    The Last Outlaw

    We don't talk about cartridge guns that shoot self contained cartridges on the forum.
  7. Zonie

    SOLD Lyman GPR .54

    Mountain man. Stay out of the classified ad section and quit giving your opinion about the guns and prices. If he wants to charge $1000 too much, that is the sellers option. If you continue to create problems in these for sale ad's, I will take corrective action against you, and anyone else...
  8. Zonie

    FOR SALE 44" .54 Caliber Rice Barrel with Underlugs and Sights

    put your cursure over his name. Select START A CONVERSATION. Add title, message and hit the START A CONVERSATION button at the bottom of the page.
  9. Zonie

    Does anyone produce a matchlock kit?

    I shouldn't say it because it does make the post off track but it is a 500cc single.
  10. Zonie

    1862 Tower

    It looks like a Bannerman's special. His company bought hundreds of CW firearms and made slight modifications to the barrel and stocks. Sold many of them as smoothbore shotguns like the one in the pictures. Not any real collector value but they are a part of American history.
  11. Zonie

    You have insufficient privileges to post threads here, on classifieds??

    With 7 posts to your credit youshould be able to post ads now.
  12. Zonie

    36 cal maxi ball

    So, whats the price and is shipping included? If this is just a post telling folks about your making bullets it is the wrong place. If it is about selling some or all of them, we need to know the price.
  13. Zonie

    Does anyone produce a matchlock kit?

    Ive trusted my Royal Enfield motorcycle for over 10 years and after 23,000 miles it has never let me down. It is made in India.
  14. Zonie

    How can I edit my thread headder and content?

    When you post something you have 15 minutes to edit it. After that you may ask a moderator to change it. I insist that the maker of a Ad enter any changes they want to make to the Ad, in the ad as a new post.
  15. Zonie

    Colt Navy Pistol

    To the best of my knowledge the Navy never bought a 1849 .31cal pistol. The ancor and USN look crudly engraved. The Navy would never use marking like that.
  16. Zonie

    Cast ductile steel barrel

    Cast steel is better than cast iron by a lot. Machined from steel bar is the best.
  17. Zonie

    SOLD Pietta 1861 .36 cal for sale. NIB $300

    The classified ad rules say one item per ad
  18. Zonie

    SOLD VERY NICE Custom .62 Leman Rifle

    This and all adds in the classified section are here to sell things, not to talk about other things like loads.
  19. Zonie

    Navy Arms Pietta double Barrel

    It's off topic but, no, it isn't a Jeager. It is a Pecatonica River "Transitional" rifle, so named because it is longer than a Jeager but much stockier than the American long rifles of the day. This one is a .54 caliber swamped barrel gun and it shoots great.
  20. Zonie

    Navy Arms Pietta double Barrel

    The tumbler in a lock is the part that is pushed on by the mainspring. The hammer or cock is attached to it. It is supported by the lockplate and in very old locks and some cheap ones, that's all that's taking the load of the heavy mainspring. This can cause a lot of wear on it. If a bridge...