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    Rifling Depth.

    Why are the rifling grooves so deep in modern traditional rifles? Aren’t the deeper grooves less likely to be wiped clean after a shot when he next patched ball is loaded? And isn’t it harder to get any kind of a gas seal with really deep grooves? I know that it is not possible to ever get a...
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    Completed Long Rifle Shopping

    Where is a good place to go shopping for a completed Lancaster-type flint rifle in .36 or .40 caliber rifle? Even though I have a decent supply of BP on hand, I am about to retire and will have more time to shoot. I want a smaller caliber that uses less powder because of the powder shortages...
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    1860 Parts

    Good source for some parts for an Armi San Marco 1860? VTI is out of most or all that I need ( front sight, wedge and related spring and screws ) according to their web site. Numrich Arms does not even list anything. This is why I would never buy an ASM myself, but this one belongs to a...
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    Loose Arbor

    I recently bought a new Uberti 1862 Pocket Army revolver. I noticed that the machine work appears excellent and inside and out, polished, even. Unfortunately, the arbor is a little loose. Not very much at all, but barely noticeable. Is this something that I should have fixed now? The gun has...
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    Swapping Grip Frame

    I have a Uberti 1860 Army that is about 7 years old that I want to put Uberti Navy grips and frame on. The Army grips are a little too long for my hand to operate comfortably. If they can even be had, with the scarcity of everything, what parts do I need to order ( to include any different...
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    Goon’s Gun Works

    I have made a couple of attempts to contact Goon’s by e-mail over the last 90 days and have not gotten a response. Is he still in business?.
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    Uberti or Pietta 1858 Remington .44 With 5 1/2” Barrel.

    Do any of you guys have the reproduction of the Remington with the 5 1/2” barrel? If so, how do you like it? Am thinking about trying to find one. Pretty tough right now.
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    How Were They Shipped?

    Once again it’s time for me to ask my yearly question that stumps the panel. So here we go again: Let’s say I run a hardware store, trading post, or some kind of place that would sell guns and/ or related merchandise in the percussion era. A customer comes in looking for a Colt or Remington...
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    Shot Size

    Has anybody here had much luck using #8 shot in black powder shotguns/smoothbores. Most shooters say they go with larger sizes with increased individual pellet energy at the expense of pattern density to make up for the lower velocities attainable with BP. Do you guys agree? Is that a good...
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    Loading Levers

    The creeping loading lever arrangement of the 1860 Army revolver is touted as superior to Colt’s earlier designs, but the actual advantage is never mentioned, like it’s so obvious that it’s readily apparent to everyone. I happen to have one 1860 Army, one 1851 Navy, and two Pocket Navies, and I...
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    4f Powder In A Revolver

    I got a couple of pounds of 4fg powder the other day. Was thinking of trying it in a .36 Uberti Pocket Navy I’ve had a few years, wanting to get the velocity up some. It does not have the chamber capacity of a full-sized Navy, and seems a little anemic. I am aware that in the old days many...
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    Barrel Profiles

    I am considering getting a .40 caliber flint rifle with a swamped barrel. Would the “A” profile be too light and whippy for this bore diameter? Would the barrel harmonics of a barrel with walls this thin at the waist cause the gun to be more load-sensitive when developing accurate loads?
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    Non-Availability of Imports From Italy

    Was on the phone with Cimarron Arms ordering a spare revolver cylinder the other day. I later asked if they were getting anything at all shipped to them from Italy. The guy said they were not expecting ANYTHING out of Italy until well into 2021, maybe 2022.
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    .69 Musket Balls

    I will soon finally have a .69 Miroku French flint musket. What size ball mold(s) should I be ordering? Inassume I will actually need to get two, one for patched ball, and paper cartridge loads, and another for shooting bare balls with wads.
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    .40 Caliber

    Have never had a .40, and am fighting the urge go get one again. I have read many accounts about how accurate and useful they can be, but are they really any better than a .45? I have had 2 .45's, and have one now. Pretty happy with it. Shoots well with loads from 25 grains of FFFg to 75 grains...
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    How do I get rid of the annoying Infolinks tab and pop-up that takes up the bottom 2/3 of the screen on my i-phone?
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    Replacement parts for Uberti Percussion Revolvers?

    Which suppliers have the best prices for replacement parts for a Uberti percussion revolver. I want a Navy grip frame assembly ( frame parts and wood grips ), and a spare cylinder. Have already checked VTI. Had steel grip frame only. No brass. Any other suggestions?
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    Switching Grip Frames

    I have an excellent Uberti 1860 Army revolver, and would like to put an 1851 Navy grip frame and grips on it. If I order a Navy grip frame for it, what are the chances the replacement will match up with the Army screw holes, etc. with minimal fitting and alteration?
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    Mortimer lock

    Does anyone make a replacement lock for the Pedersoli Mortimer half-stock rifle/shotgun?
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    Chromed Bores

    What's the big deal with the few people who do jug choking not wanting anything to do with working on barrels with chromed bores? Why can't they use an abrasive cylinder hone on the part of the barrel that will be enlarged as prep work, and then get on with the business of doing the jugging? I...