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  1. Crow-Feather

    Supporting member automatic payments.

    I received a Paypal statement that I had paid 18 dollars to a Company out of country with no explanation of what the payment was for. So I cancelled it. Then I found out what it was for and tried to resend it or cancel the cancellation. Sorry, but if I saw Muzzleloading Forum, this would not...
  2. Crow-Feather

    Barrel crud

    I have discovered that in several used rifles I have purchased, after shooting them and cleaning them, I have discovered that a dry patch down the bore will bring up brown crud the next day. So I clean again and use a brush till the patch comes out clean. The next day, brown crud appears in...
  3. Crow-Feather

    Identity Help? Indian made?

    There is a company that sells smooth bores from India. Don't know if this is one, and can't remember the company name.
  4. Crow-Feather

    Junior Rendezvous

    Finished Jr, Rondy yesterday, In four days we hosted a total of 2,269 4th and 5th graders at out site. This year, we had: The Tin smith, Indian women's living, the blacksmith, the weapons range, fire starting, story telling, trapping, and bead history, Pictures are below. They arrive The...
  5. Crow-Feather

    OOPS in the olden days.

    "In about an hour after, an unpleasant accident happened to one of our men, named McCarey. He had been running a buffalo, and was about reloading the gun, which he had just discharged, when the powder in his horn was ignited by a burning wad remaining in the barrel; the horn was burst to...
  6. Crow-Feather

    WANTED Lyman 57 SML sight.

    Just looked for a Lyman 57 SML receiver sight for a friend. I found one on ebay with 39 bids and up to 180 dollars with over 24 hours left to bid. Everyone else that I checked is out of stock.
  7. Crow-Feather

    Another Use For Balistol Made Moosemilk

    This summer at the range, I was bothered mightily by flies, mosquitos, and other flying bugs. I use a moose milk made with ballistol and apply it with a spray bottle. Well, I got so upset at them bugs, I started spraying them with the moose milk. After awhile, I discovered that them flying...
  8. Crow-Feather

    T/C Patriot suprise

    I found a late model T/C Patriot on GBkr. Before I received it, I researched the reviews and comments. When I received it, I was surprised at the light weight of the stock but I rushed out and started the renewal process. I use easy off oven cleaner to strip the old finish off the wood. Bad...
  9. Crow-Feather

    Inletting trigger on a rifle.

    When building my first rifle, I did discover some mistakes, after I made them. One of the biggest is inletting my trigger. The lock and trigger were already inletted, but I cleaned out the trigger area and lowered the trigger deeper into the stock. When cleaning my rifle yesterday, I...
  10. Crow-Feather

    Delete started reply

    Halfway through a reply, I wanted to delete the whole thing. Please advise how I do that. Can't figure it out.
  11. Crow-Feather


    My wife has a 1986 Pedersoli mule ear .36 caliber rifle that has had a problem with a weak hammer spring. I wrote Pedersoli during the 19 crunch in Italy and asked if they had any mule ear lock parts that I could purchase. They replied that when the 19 crunch abated, they would check with...
  12. Crow-Feather

    English made Barrett 58 caliber rifle

    A friend has recently viewed what he described as a "Barrett half stock rifle" that was made in London, England. The rifle is 58 caliber with a 26" (+ -) barrel. Any one know anything about this rifle? I find nothing on the internet.
  13. Crow-Feather

    Gibbs 451 rifle

    I just traded for a (I believe) Dixie/Pedersoli Gibbs rifle. It has a factory installed palm rest that screws into a metal fitting just forward of the trigger guard. It came with a Paul Jones mold marked #4500. No serial number on the rifle, but the stock and parts of the rifle have a 58...
  14. Crow-Feather

    Traditions quality

    My wife needed to shoot a 32 rifle because of a spine problem where she could have no recoil. I purchased a Traditions Crockett 32. After a few trips to the range, accuracy became terrible. I dismantled the rifle and found so many problems that a "simple fix wasn't going to correct them. The...
  15. Crow-Feather

    Cap popped, rifle didn't fire, until later

    At a Rondy in Wyoming, while at the range in competition, a rifle didn't fire after numerous attempts. The range master told the shooter to pace his rifle in front of the firing line on the ground. Being concerned with laying his rifle on the grass, the shooter placed the rifle in a beaded...
  16. Crow-Feather

    40 Caliber lead projectiles

    I am getting a 40 caliber kit and was lucky enough to buy a .395 round ball Lyman mold on Ebay. My state requires 45 caliber for deer, but there are other animals that can be hunted. I would like to find a slug/REAL projectile that can be shot in a 40 caliber rifle. Anybody know of anything...