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  1. Versanaut

    Preferred Cleaning Patches?

    There is a person in our local community that somehow gets scrapped worn out infant hospital blankets and cuts then 2x2 and sells them. Usually though, I buy cotton flannel on closeout/clearance, wash it, and cut to size. I started to wash these to reuse but found that not worth my time.
  2. Versanaut

    I give up!

    I agree with the consensus that the fly is the culprit here. It does look to be shaped left handed. The reason it will work out of the stock / in your hand is that when we trigger by hand we tend to keep pressure on the sear while the hammer/tumbler drops past half cock before relaxing our...
  3. Versanaut

    Paper or steel ?

    We typically run our matches 5 shots on paper, 1 shot on steel (Bonus DING!) for 2 strings. Third string is 5 on paper, 3 on steel for a 20 ball match.
  4. Versanaut

    Lock malfunctioning.

    I'm not sure it has anything to do with the triggers, though it may. My story... I had a lock that was acting up similarly. It 'felt' like it was going past a 'set trigger' detent and when I released the hammer would be in a difficult 'half cock' mode. I did the same thing, took it apart and...
  5. Versanaut

    priming the pan

    Every smokepole is different... Different breach, different vent-hole sizes, different breech chamber sizes, etc etc. I work up from still seeing the pan through the powder adding a little more each time until it fires reliable, every time. Too much powder will work, but you will slow...
  6. Versanaut

    Roundball and bullet lube

    I use the beeswax / olive oil combo myself. decided on it after reading that some of the 'light oil' the militaries in the 18th century were using on their arms was referring to olive oil. Like mentioned above, the ratio depends on the temperature. It can get too hard to use in the under and...
  7. Versanaut

    I need a recommendation for professional grade gunsmith screwdrivers

    Chapman here. And to clarify, you can buy the individual bits to replace as needed.
  8. Versanaut

    What am I doing wrong? (Cleaning)

    I use ATF on my locks. Never thought to use it in the barrel. Hmmmmmm.
  9. Versanaut

    Pillow ticking ?

    I wash and dry mine. I only use one cycle myself if using it for patch material. Remember, no softeners or additives. If using it for bag liner or other craftwork I wash more to make sure about the sizing. I cut into 1 1/2" to 2" wide rolls. Lube only RIGHT before loading and cut off at the...
  10. Versanaut

    What am I doing wrong? (Cleaning)

    Not a metallurgist here and so, by no means an expert and I'll preface my comments with my company lawyer's favorite response.. "It Depends". You are going to find a mixed bag of folks on here from having a worse problem, the same problem, or varying degrees of success preventing rust...
  11. Versanaut

    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    I am sorry for your loss. By all accounts here he led a truly legendary life. God Bless you and your family.
  12. Versanaut

    storing black powder in powder horn and/or flask

    So some real world examples to back up Notchy Bob here! Living and shooting (often) in Florida, I have a couple traditional horns that have always had powder in them for several years. They get left in the garage frequently. Never once had a problem with the powder clumping up. The powder...
  13. Versanaut

    Flintlock kits

    After watching and loading for me for nearly a year at competitions, my 9 y/o finally asked for his own muzzleloader. Being only 9 AND Left handed, I searched high and low for something. Ended up building a Sitting Fox Kit. This was my first build type project of ANY nature since model...
  14. Versanaut

    I got this from my father

    I have the same rifle. CVA Kentucky two-piece. Mine is 45 caliber, but they were made in 50 too. It was my main match gun till I recently switched to flint. VERY accurate shooter. So far as hunting with it, I've taken 3 deer with mine - 45 cal, Patched roundball over 70Gr. FFFg. I...
  15. Versanaut

    Favorite Hunting and NON-Hunting caliber?

    .45 round ball is my everything rifle caliber.
  16. Versanaut

    Just finished another shooting bag.

    Beautiful work! I do have a question regarding the wear of this setup, where the horn hangs over the bag flap. As I am ALWAYS getting into my bag, I have my horn on a separate leash hanging higher than the bag. I realize the strap here is probably adjustable so that the horn can be higher...
  17. Versanaut

    First build. Looking for advice on how to start.

    Tx635, Lots of good advice here. I can tell you, I did EXACTLY what you are considering doing. I am handy with my hands, mostly an aircraft technician though. I followed mostly YT videos. I had basic tools and bought a couple files and a couple inletting chisels. I bought a full length...
  18. Versanaut

    New to Cap and Ball

    There are a few youtubers out there that go into 'slicking up' C&B guns. MannyCa has some good videos on Trigger, Action and Timing work on single action revolvers. Some of his videos tend to start off on a bit of a political note, but the C&B meat and potatoes are well explained. I linked...
  19. Versanaut

    New guy

    Welcome from Florida!
  20. Versanaut

    No Bang on 1st Strike.

    I'll second a lot of the folks here. I have Uberti 1851's. They definitely prefer Remington #10's but the CCI 11's work just as well. I also snug up the caps with a wooden dowel, But that's me being anal. They should not really need the dowel to snug up enough to fire, so if they are that...