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  1. Many Klatch


    Well, it look like my Bess turns into a wall hanger. At 90 grains a shot it burns a pound up in roughly 70 shots. Going to use my smaller calibers for a while until this all sorts out. Good thing I keep a healthy stock on hand. My Flintlock pistol that only takes 25 grains might get more use.
  2. Many Klatch

    Failure to fire rate

    If you want your flintlock to be reliable you need to shoot it often so you learn the quirks of your particular gun. Flint up or down? Thickness of Leather around flint? Size of touch hole? Prime from main horn or 4F? Every gun is different. I've been shooting flintlocks since the 1980's...
  3. Many Klatch

    Brown bess repro genral info

    Notice the flattened trigger guard. The story is: An original Bess was sent to Japan to copy. The original had a flattened trigger guard so the copies do too. If my memory is correct, I believe that Miroku also made barrels for Browning. I shoot a Pedersoli Bess. My load is a .715 ball...
  4. Many Klatch

    Bag went to hell

    I bought my Barbour thread at Landwerlen's in Indianapolis last week. Probably the same place you got yours. I don't know how much is left, I didn't look. I'm using for both sewing leather and making bowstrings.
  5. Many Klatch

    Bag went to hell

    Just to throw a little shade on this party. Barbour, the company that has been making Linen Thread since 1784 went out of business. Their supplier of flax in Hungary folded and that was the end. If you have linen thread don't waste it. Commercial shoe repair stores are having to switch to...
  6. Many Klatch

    Boiled linseed oil vs raw linseed oil

    If you mix Linseed Oil with 1/3 by volume Turpentine and 1/3 Vinegar you will get a much faster drying agent to put on your stocks. Shake it before each use and rub it in. I was told to use this mix once a day for a week, then once a week for a month and then once a month for a year to get...
  7. Many Klatch

    Unfired Muzzleloaders

    I was helping run a booth at the CLA show a few years ago. Lots of high end custom guns are traded and sold there over the weekend. One fellow was picking over the flints looking for one "perfect" flint. After about 15 minutes he finally decided on one and paid me for it. I asked him "what...
  8. Many Klatch

    .69 vs .75 out of a military musket - any difference in accuracy?

    My Bess shooting a .715 ball and a .010 patch over 90 grains of 2F has hit a large gong at 100 yards 3 out of 5 shots. I have never seen anyone shooting a Charleville at that distance. If I was to load .69 caliber ball in my Bess I would expect the accuracy to be a Paper plate at 40 yards.
  9. Many Klatch

    Need help

    I agree with Dave. Sounds like your rifle was set up for a 6 O'Clock hold. Lots of target shooters set up their guns so they can put the front sight on the bottom of the black bull (easier to see) and the bullet will print in the 10 ring. If it puts all the ball near the same hole but 6" high...
  10. Many Klatch

    Stuck bullet

    I carry three sizes of bullet puller screws in my shooting bag. They all fit both the ramrod under the barrel and my range rod. The first one is the smallest and just might do the job. If that doesn't work and pulls out of the lead ball I use the next bigger one. It goes in the earlier hole...
  11. Many Klatch

    Pedersoli Brown Bess light rusting

    I have had my short Pedersoli Bess for 30 years (or more), It has turned a fine shade of steel gray. I clean the barrel and lock with soap and water. A couple passes down the barrel with 0000 steel wool makes cleaning easier. After everything is clean I coat it with a mix of 50% 2 stroke...
  12. Many Klatch

    alternate projectiles in a muzzleloader

    Steel ball bearings shoot really well. Hold dead on at 100 yards. If you are going to shoot at gongs, remember that sucker is going to ricochet. Simply buy the right sized ball bearing for your gun and patch and load like normal. I made up some .32 caliber lead ball that were tear drop...
  13. Many Klatch

    Lumber Question.

    Although no one else has mentioned it here, bowmakers are always looking for good straight wood. Check out what a 7' long, year old straight grained split is worth. Make sure to paint the ends and back.
  14. Many Klatch

    Beeswax for running ball

    I have been casting ball and shooting muzzleloaders for 40+ years. In all that time I have never needed to use beeswax or any thing else to keep down the slag. I scrape the slag off the top of the lead often. The trick is to use a larger lead ladle. I find mine at antique stores. Plumbers...
  15. Many Klatch


    I made the mistake of loading a shotgun with large leaves that I picked off near the shooting line once. It worked fine, but the juice that was squeezed out of the leaves during the shot really made cleaning the gun difficult. I recommend using dry grass or leaves.
  16. Many Klatch


    The big show in Kalamazoo was canceled for this year but it will be back next year, Covid willing.
  17. Many Klatch

    Flintlock storage

    If you are ever at an NMLRA shoot at Friendship, we require all flintlocks to be carried whether loaded or empty with frizzen up and hammer down. Cocking the hammer and dropping the frizzen is part of priming and preparing to fire and is only done on the line. Regardless of whether it is good...
  18. Many Klatch

    Mystery Gun

    I visited Narragansett Arms workshop in Indianapolis once. It was a big square table with 4 vises. One on each corner and 4 gunbuilders working on guns. They have been out of business for a long time. One of my buddies has one of their Ferguson Rifles. He has put thousands of shots through it.
  19. Many Klatch

    Lead Free Round Balls

    If you are really worried about this find the correct sized ball bearings. They shoot real well in a smooth bore. Probably want to use a real thick patch ball combination in a rifle.
  20. Many Klatch

    What if ? Question ?

    I had that happen once when on a woods walk. Green wood from a sapling won't work. By the time you whittle it down to fit in the thimbles it's too weak. If I ever have to do it again, I would concentrate on finding a sapling that will fit in the barrel and forget about fitting the thimbles...