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    SOLD Pedersoli 12 ga. Double

    Like new, 28” barrels, 5 screw in chokes, excellent shooting shotgun. $825 plus shipping, includes several hundred nitro card, cushion, and over shot wads. Bank or postal MO pkease.
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    SOLD Pedrosoli 10 ga, like new

    Selling this 10 ga SxS, shot 10 times since shoulder rebuild, can’t do it any more. 29” barrels, steel shot choke tubes, IM Cyl and Mod, plus 2 extra, one each IM Cyl and Mod. $800 plus shipping. Also included and shipped separately at my cost: approx 90 Ballistic Products steel shot wads...
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    G&O Pinnacle

    Hi fellas, I’m having a dickens of a time with fouling in a Rem New Mod Army, and a 36 Southern Rifle. First time w/Pinnacle. I never have a petroleum film on anything, clean, dry iron. Weather was 50 deg (above), I almost had to sandblast to clean them up, 20 min after I finished shooting...
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    Cork wads for revolvers, and behind conicals

    Have any of you gents used or experimented with cork wads? I use them on shotguns but nothing else. I have a good supply of cork and made som punches recently. Does cork take lube? I would think it would scrub well. Any history or suggestions? Thnx
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    Timing, time and time again

    Hi all, Worked out most all of the cap jam issues with my Uberti ‘62 Police, but have noticed it is peening the “deep” or following edge of the locking bolt recess. New hand and bolt installed, width of bolt fits narrowest recess, seems to be in time but peening seems to be increasing. Any...