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    A cap Story.

    I used to make flints for a Tower pistol with a hammer. Double butt ugly but they sparked fine. Lots of flint in Central California.
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    New pietts 1851

    That sure looks nice. You are right about the fun.
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    CLOSED Left Hand Mainspring CVA SxS

    Try calling the Gunworks in Springfield, Oregon. They have a LOT of stuff that's not in the online catalog. (541) 741-4118 I just looked online and they list a left hand shotgun spring under CVA rifle locks and parts.
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    My custom California copper ML bullet.

    I used to load jacketed bullets backwards in a revolver for squirrel shooting. The pointed end would go right through without expanding but loaded backwards they punched a .45 hole. I think your brass or copper cylinders would work fine.
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    Moving On

    Since a CWT is 112 pounds there would probably be some boat handling issues. Wear a life jacket.
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    My custom California copper ML bullet.

    People target shoot with .38 wadcutters. And a semiwadcutter just has a patial cone nose. For a patch try cutting out a cross shape from your material. It should fly away like a shotgun plastic wad at the muzzle. This one is paper but cloth should work fine. Best of luck.
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    #32 drill bit

    $4.88 a dozen at Home Depot. Most any decent hardware store should have them.
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    No-drill scope rail

    Go ahead and drill and tap if you want. That Bobcat isn't a rare or valuable rifle so set it up the way you want. If the next owner doesn't want the scope mount you can plug the holes.
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    Two shot rifles

    A guy I used to work with just carried two rifles to hunt from a stand. Oregon says a double barrel is OK but revolving actions are not legal. So I don't know if a swivel breech rifle is a double barrel or a revolver. Doesn't matter to me - I don't have either.
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    Boundary county Idaho members

    Shooter1 is in Bonners Ferry. He is my brother.
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    CLOSED .45 percussion rifle for young shooter

    Take a look at the CVA Mountain Stalker or one of it's variations. They came with plastic or wood stocks and are 50 rather than 45 caliber but a 50 with a light charge shoots just fine. A short carbine barrel and light weight. They can be had for around $100.
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    We may have to go to making do on our own.The ingredients are available after all. And there are the substitutes. If it's Pyrodex or nothing the Pyro wins.
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    It wasn't black powder but some of that stuff did make a lot of smoke. This is Bismark firing at Hood.
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    Unknown Flintlock Pistol - Help needed!

    I actually fired an cannon made from a pipe once. I did it from what I considered a safe distance and it did not blow up but I never repeated that test. My cannon went into the scrap bin at work. Electrical conduit might be a whole different experience though. It is scary that these things...
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    Favorite Production Guns

    I have a TC Hawken kit rifle - one of the old ones that you had to draw file the barrel. Guess it dates from the 70's. And a brand new Crockett .32 that is a lot of fun. A few others from hand cannons to revolvers to a homemade matchlock. They all go boom just fine.
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    Unknown Flintlock Pistol - Help needed!

    Pretty sure that weld mark in the barrel is the seam in a water pipe. Go to a hardware store and look inside a pipe nipple. If the pipe is good quality the barrel would probably hold together but I bet the breechplug is welded rather than threaded. It's a great wallhanger and you can let your...
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    Knuckle buster

    A good inexpensive shooting glove is Harbor Freight's cheapest mechanic glove. Cut the trigger finger off the glove. They are pretty thin and give good grip on a handgun.
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    There is a youtube video of two clowns trying to blow up a Spanish rifle with smokeless. It withstood a triple 44 magnum load with only a small barrel bulge. They went to a faster powder and finally blew out the side of the barrel at the drum but the breech plug actually stayed in. So it...
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    Cannon charge

    That hole is a great idea. I'm going to drill one in my revolver cartridge tool.
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    Cannon charge

    The aluminum charges I have seen worked fine. When you pick through the touch hole can you feel the pick go through the foil? And does the fuze, if used, go into the charge? The one I helped fire was loaded with the aluminum wrapped charge, the vent was picked into the charge, and the fuze...