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  1. Stony Broke

    Use of the hunting sword

    I had a friend that lived in California that hunted hogs with a knife. He said he didn't like to shoot one while the dogs were still close to the hog...
  2. Stony Broke

    Hard by the Platte...

    Nice to see an old Nebraska guy on the forum.....SO WELCOME !! I grew up in the other end of the state....
  3. Stony Broke

    Caywood Wilson Trade Gun

    I owned one for a longtime. I was somewhat happy with it, but in some respects it could have been better. I ordered a rifled barrel for it that they offered, but ended up sending it back as the wood fit was not good, and they were a little short tempered with me in regard to my opinion. I would...
  4. Stony Broke

    Muzzle Loader Maniac's Fans

    A group of the good old boys from the Dallas Muzzleloader Club. I passed out some of Mark Humphrie's Muzzle Loader Maniac's pins to them at the shoot Sunday.....had them all smiling !!
  5. Stony Broke

    Soldering the front sight

    I took a barrel to a friend that is a great builder once to have him put the front sight back on it, and watched him use that manner. It really surprised me how it was so easy and actually worked !
  6. Stony Broke

    Soldering the front sight

    To find the middle of the barrel for the front sight, I was taught to lay the barrel on a flat surface resting on the rear sight. With a flat file under the front, just move the file foreward and back, and it will mark the front to match the rear sight on the barrel.
  7. Stony Broke

    How much do you shoot?

    I love shooting one match a month and at least one time at the range in between matches. Unfortunately mother nature has intervened lately and I am missing a lot of my shooting....but I guess that is just what old age brings on....
  8. Stony Broke

    Need shooting advice, look at these patches, please.

    I mix a cup of Murphy's with a bottle of Windex 23 oz. size. It works great out of a little spray bottle that's easy to carry around. The mix not only makes a great patch lube, it works great to clean the bore with too. I've used it for many years with no complaints...the Murhpy's just gives you...
  9. Stony Broke

    Need shooting advice, look at these patches, please.

    I have used .40's for a lot of years, and never ran into one that wouldn't work good with a .395 ball and a linen patch. I just use my normal mix of Murphy's oil soap and Windex to lube the patch. I like to put the patch on the bore, then the ball, and give it a gently tap with a rubber hammer...
  10. Stony Broke


    You've just found one of the best forums on the net !! Lots of honest folks and good education about our sport.....Welcome !!
  11. Stony Broke

    Back from Bent’s Fort!!!

    Absolutely great pictures !! That looks like so much fun and the education a guy could get there would be great !! Thanks for sharing....
  12. Stony Broke

    Long Pistol Barrels

    I think if it were me building one, I would look for a barrel in something close to a 1/20 twist or something close to that. I guess a guy could get by with a 1/48.....but I think I'd prefer a faster twist.
  13. Stony Broke

    Traditions Kentucky pistol

    Even a .40 ca. with 30 grains of 3f will do the job....just have to hit em' in a right spot !!
  14. Stony Broke

    Traditions Kentucky pistol

    I haven't shot many deer with the pistols, but I have shot quite a few hogs. Normally I used a .50, with 30 gr. of 3f... I limited my range to within about 35 yards.
  15. Stony Broke

    Is the Lyman's Great Plains Rifle a Tack Driver ?

    I kind of get the idea that some folks expect him to shoot from rests and demonstrate the best possible accuracy that his rifle is capable of....but Mark is just out having some fun with it, and sharing the experience with others. Loosen up guys and enjoy the video as he is just shooting offhand...
  16. Stony Broke

    Is the Lyman's Great Plains Rifle a Tack Driver ?

    Hey it's entertainment guys !! He's just having some fun and passing it on.....
  17. Stony Broke

    Record Breaking Shooting

    Very impressive !!
  18. Stony Broke


    I was scammed once by a guy that referred me to a "cousin" in Texas.....probably the same guy !!
  19. Stony Broke


    I have had many TC's over the years, but just gave away my last Hawken yesterday. A friend is a very active person with modern ammo, but has never used ML's before. I took him to a match a week ago and he had a real good time. One friend showed him how to load one and had him shooting and...
  20. Stony Broke

    Use of the hunting sword

    Never carried a sword, but always had a knife handy. This hog had been shot and started coming out of the shock and squirming around on the tailgate a lot, so I just gave him a taste of a Buck....