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    CLOSED Pietta 1860 Army Steel Frame NIB

    With the scammer activity lately, we've gotten into the habit of verifying photos to ensure they weren't lifted from another ad. A unique photo as requested with some unique detail (hold the gun by the barrel as an example) helps us know that your account hasn't be hijacked. We've gotten a bit...
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    WANTED WTB: Reproduction percussion Sharps infantry rifle

    As long as it's a black powder non-cartridge gun you're good. I'm curious what will turn up.
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    Would a cal 44 remington 1858 do the job?

    He's said numerous times that the Remingtons are all he has, or can legally use. So, yes, carry both! If you can't get the Kaido bullet, then get a mold for a 45 SWC (semi wad cutter) which is a flat nose bullet like that photo of the Kaido. The shotgun would be a better choice, sure, but it's...
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    WITHDRAWN TC renagade 50 cal

    Does it have a QLA?
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    Ruger Old Army Range Report

    I've heard of guys shooting milk jugs at 100 or 200 yards with the ROA. Wonder if you'd have to aim high, or right-on, at that distance?
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    1858 Explosion from Smokeless

    Good video! Thanks for posting.
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    Reamer Made to Correct a Cannon Bore

    Is the end of the reamer sharpened like an end mill? Either that, or it seems like it should be tapered a little on the end.
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    Reamer Made to Correct a Cannon Bore

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    Reamer Made to Correct a Cannon Bore

    Same here - except with me it was the motorcycle and my girlfriend. Shop was for jocks.
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    Reamer Made to Correct a Cannon Bore

    This is fascinating! I'm interested in the build story - as well as how the reaming works out, plus any data on the Rapine story.
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    Dragoon Grip frame

    VTI and Taylors both have the backstraps, but the one at Taylors has the Stock Notch. What's a Stock Notch? It's the indent at the bottom of the grip where the optional shoulder stock grips it. Since my pistol isn't the army (or is it Cavalry?) model, which had the recoil shield cutouts for the...
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    Dragoon Grip frame

    I think I'm getting this all sorted out now. The Whitneyville sounds like a prelude to a Dragoon. Maybe a subheading precursor of the 1st Model Dragoon. Anyway, thanks, Mike, for the data on the backstraps.
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    Dragoon Grip frame

    Are you saying the rear grip frame is the same on all three models? I've never quite figured out whether there are three or four Dragoon models. Is the first model Dragoon the Whitneyville, or is the Whitneyville a model BEFORE the 1st model Dragoon?
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    Dragoon Grip frame

    VTI has a grip frame available, but there's one little problem. It's from the bin for the 1st and 2nd model Dragoons. The bin for the 3rd model Dragoon has been empty for ages. I asked why the 3rd has a separate bin - "no idea why". And they don't have any way of seeing if the earlier model...
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    The GOEX Plant is shutting down

    And then there's fireworks. What are the pyrotechnic guys going to do? I know some make their own, but don't think they use BP substitutes. If BP becomes illegal, would there be no more 4th of July? Rather than worry worry worrying about dire consequences, let's figure out ways to keep the...
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    Cutting rawhide lace

    Yeah, I was wondering something similar - like, how does it work? What regulates the width of the cut, and why doesn't the blade slice off the string and come off completely? What holds the cutter to the leather?
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    Dragoon Grip frame

    Thanks for that Mike. :thumb: Wish I'd known that sooner. Some lessons are more expensive than others. I had to reshape a T/C Hawken trigger guard and it wasn't to difficult. But this Uberti backstrap resisted incredible amounts of force.
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    Dragoon Grip frame

    I guess I found out they don't bend. I heated it up pretty hot, but that didn't seem to make a difference. Not much anyway. I'd gotten about half way there when I snapped off the two attachment points straddling the hammer. Not gonna be an easy fix. :-( I'll try Taylors and Replica - thanks for...
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    Dragoon Grip frame

    I recently picked up a Uberti 3rd model Dragoon with the brass rear grip frame. The rear grip frame wouldn't align at the lower end of the trigger grip frame leaving a fairly wide gap. I tried several different things to close the gap and ended up breaking the grip frame. It's pretty rugged...
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    Walker Mainspring compressor

    Thanks, Mike. I'll try that.